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Big Brother 16
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 B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Lawon Exum

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B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Lawon Exum  Empty
PostSubject: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Lawon Exum    B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Lawon Exum  EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 4:05 pm

Hi Lawon, this is B.B.A.D Radio. Thank you for answering some of our questions.
It has been a difficult week to watch your demise play out on the feeds. You seemed pretty shocked by the end of the show. Has it set in yet on your big blunder?
Yes, it has sunk in. It sunk in the night before the eviction. And that's when it was confirmed that I had made a big mistake. And on top of that, my confirmation was confirmed when I had a talk with Daniele the afternoon of the eviction - she said there was a chance I may not come back, and we realized we didn't think it all through and it was only a chance I would come back. She was saying she felt bad, now that she was thinking clearly she realized it may not be in my best interest.

Walk us through your thought process on suggesting you be put up on the block by your own alliance when you didn't know for sure what your outcome would be?
My thought process was, it was a conversation after Kalia won HOH and I was excited for her. I jokingly said "you're up, you do what you gotta do, if at any point down the line you have to put me up, put me up." Shelly blurted out "are you volunteering to get put up?" and I said, "if you have to put me up, put me up," but that was all blown out of proportion. I thought I was taking one for the team but I think I took it too early. I think I overanalyzed what Julie said that the person who gets evicted may come back into the game. So we were expecting the unexpected. I thought I'd come back as HOH and be able to vote someone out, or leave and help my alliance to make a big move. So that was my thought process.

As I look back now, I should have never said I would be put up as a pawn, period. I would still be in the game if I had never said that. I should never have said that out loud.

Were you surprised with the unanimous vote to evict you? Were you expecting any votes or was it all planned out ahead of time that everyone would be voting to evict you (because you were assuming you'd be coming back into the house).
It was very surprising that it was a unanimous vote. I thought it would at least be a 4-2 vote or a tie. That's what made me realize that my alliance wasn't as true to me as I was true to them. The only person in that alliance that had my back was Daniele. Kalia had my back to an extent, but the question in my mind was 'Why didn't she put up Shelly or Adam?' if I was in a true alliance with you. Because I feel that game wise, Daniele would have never done that to me and I think that's what is keeping me mad because we were an alliance strong, and Kalia was put into our alliance but Daniele had my best interest and would not have put me up.

You seemed so certain that you were going to be getting some special powers with your eviction. Did you ever even think that the outcome would turn out the way that it did with never coming back into the game and did you have any second thoughts?
I actually thought I would be coming back into the game with some kind of power due to this being a game where you "expect the unexpected." I overanalyzed it a bit and I did not expect the outcome that happened. The "chance" of coming back didn't sink in until I was out there competing in a competition. Do I regret that, yes of course, I was overanalyzing what the chance was to come back. If I didn't overanalyze, I would have fought and never told Kalia she could put me up as a pawn. And you have to remember, when you are in that house, emotions are so high and so up and down that your thinking process is all over the place. You overanalyze every sentence every word fragment that everyone says and every idea that is given to you in the house. So I really just blame myself for overanalyzing what the outcome would be if I got evicted and had the chance to come back.

A lot of the houseguests didn't seem to know where you stood with who you were wanting out of the game, as well you left a lot of us viewers perplexed with what you were thinking and what you would do had you won HOH. What was your game plan and who did you see as big threats that needed to go?
The threats I saw were the ones winning the competitions and the ones I felt in my gut were flat out lying to my face and trying to figure out what I was doing, though in the long run, I was trying to figure out what they were doing. I may have had viewers perplexed because everyone liked me and talked to me, but I only talked game to certain people in the house. My targets were Brendon and Rachel, but after Brendon left it would have been Rachel and Shelly. My strategy going into the game was to get to know everyone and see where their strategy was at, who would be winning the competitions all the time, and after that, form alliances with people I could trust - which I did - and picking off those that were threatening my alliance so we could keep the numbers. But it seemed like each week, everyone was flip flopping and making deals and throwing competitions, which is why I had to reevaluate my strategy each week.

Seems like you caught on to Shelly not being trustworthy this past week. What was it about her that you found to be untrustworthy?
Because everything I told her, which was a test for me, she would always go back and tell someone something than what I said. It was like she was going back and forth to make me look like the bad guy or that I was untrustworthy. That's when I realized she may be untrustworthy and she is someone that needs to be watched and someone on my radar to go up if I had won HOH. She was always back and forth but would smile to my face, then I would see her whispering to talk to Jeff or closing the door to talk to Rachel. She was etch a sketch!

Why didn't Dawon ever come out? We were all wanting to see that side of you.
That's a good question! I think Lawon got so caught up in emotions, that Dawon didn't want to come out. When it was his chance to come out, it was a little bit too late. I think Lawon over captured Dawon because Lawon started playing with emotions, and Dawon never would have. When you are in the game, emotions run high and you get all sappy - Dawon never would have done that! Dawon would have never said he would have been put up as a pawn, he would have been like "you don't put me up!" Dawon would probably still be in the game!

Briefly give us some thoughts on your fellow houseguests....

Evel Dick ? an uncle, who I feel I could have confided in if he had stayed in the house
Daniele? a competitor, does not play with emotions, hard core fighter!
Jeff? My boo! great competitor, was never on my radar.
Rachel? strong competitor, would fight and do anything to get to the top of Big Brother
Porsche? Needs to believe in herself because she can be a leader if she digs deep
Shelly? sneaky - etch a sketch, has an agenda
Jordan? southern sweetheart

If you could have done anything differently other than not suggesting to put yourself on the block what would you have done differently to have made a better outcome or helped your game out?
I would definitely not play on my emotions, and I would have followed my gut instinct and kept trusting Daniele and build a stronger alliance with her. And towards the end, follow my gut more. No matter what my gut may have said, acted on it.

Who do you feel is playing the best game and why? and Who do you think is playing the worst game and why?

I think the best game being played right now is by Daniele because she is not playing on emotions, she is playing strategically and she will vote out whoever is a threat to her in the game, no matter what.

The worst player is Porsche. She is being a follower and not a competitor. She can be a leader, and probably go further as well, but at this point I feel she is just going by what she feels may benefit her in the game by what others may tell her instead of following her own gut instinct.


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B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Lawon Exum  Empty
PostSubject: Re: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Lawon Exum    B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Lawon Exum  EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 10:27 pm

I almost felt bad for him, then I read that he thinks Dani is playing the best game...
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B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Lawon Exum
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