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Big Brother 16
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 B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin

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PostSubject: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin   B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 7:54 pm

Hi Cassi this is B.B.A.D Radio and thank you for doing the interview with us. We have to start off by saying you had us rooting for you and we were very sad to see you evicted from the Big Brother house. You handled yourself with a lot of class throughout the game and also when you walked out the Big Brother house.

Were you surprised by the 9-0 vote to evict you?
Did you believe you'd have some votes and from who?

Obviously going against Shelly, I knew it would be a miracle for me to stay. My few friends that did offer their vote, I encouraged them to give it to Shelly so there was no distention for them after I left the house, so No, I wasnít surprised.

What happened to the Regulators? It seemed to fall apart as soon as it began.
Going in there you donít know anyone from Adam, so you form an alliance to make sure you are included in one before it gets under way. But in the back of my mind I knew the likelihood of it lasting was slim.

When Keith was evicted, who do you believe betrayed your alliance and voted him out?
Iíve narrowed it down to three people. Originally, Adam and Kalia. Now it very well may have been Lawon rather than Adam.

Why were you adamant about not campaigning against Shelly? Didn't you think you owed it to yourself to do anything you can to stay in the house and maybe not see it campaigning against Shelly but more see it as campaigning for yourself to stay.

When the re-nominations were announced, I honestly had no intention of doing anything at all because this early in the game I knew people were going to vote with house majority and based on the wishes of the veterans so my chances were slim. Also, being against Shelly on the block was our worst nightmare. Because I respect and adore her so much I had to conceive a way to fight for myself without speaking in a negative light of her. I did have a couple of conversations with some of the Houseguests promoting how I may be useful in the game, without speaking negatively about Shelly, but to no avail.

What do you believe caused the friction between you and Rachel and you and Porsche?

The funny thing is, even now, I never hated or even disliked either one of them. I distrusted Porsche from the start, because in getting to know the first HOH, Rachel, she made no effort to meet or communicate with the rest of us. Alliances aside, I was indifferent to her from then on out. As far as Rachel, I thought we were fine until I was confronted after Keithís eviction. She has her own reasons for the animosity towards me. I still havenít figured that one out. But again, donít dislike either of the girls, I still feel like I treated both with kindness and honesty. They are just not girls I would spend my time with outside of the situation so I couldnít fake interest in or outside of the house.

What were your thoughts on the returning duos? Good or bad?
I liked them all as individuals, but obviously it threw a wrench in the game and upped the difficulty right from the start because of the unspoken alliances of new verses old.

Who do you believe in your opinion is a dangerous player and flying under the radar?
Honestly at this point, I was wondering half the time how many of the newbies were actually playing the game.

What do you think was the hardest part about playing the game?
I am a really honest person and my integrity is everything and to be looked at every day with distrusting eyes and for my name to be associated with ďliarĒ is a hard pill to swallow, but I knew that coming in this was all part of the game.

You handled yourself very well with the jealousy against you. How early on in the game did you sense this and who from the most?
Rachel was without a doubt the source of the jealousy beast. I felt constant judgment from Porsche from the start, but never in a malicious way until her and Rachel got close. Then I couldnít walk into a room without ďthe stares.Ē It was hard not to be ugly back sometimes, but I had to remind myself to take the high road.

Briefly give me some of your thoughts on your fellow houseguests...

Forever is a long time!
Not her own person yet
A Riot!

How good is Dominic at shampooing hair?
He could use a little work in the lather and roots department, but overall two thumbs up!

Were there any sparks between you and Dominic other than game?
I canít speak for him, but for myself I adore him not only as a friend, but a great buddy, and will definitely have that outside of the house but I donít see any romantic chemistry.

Do you believe the other female houseguests were jealous of your relationship/friendship with Dominic?
Jealous, not necessarily. Concerned of our closeness, yes. However, just as I told them when the subject was brought up, I wasnít going to let one or two people in the house dictate my friendships or how I spent my downtime. Without legitimate friends in there youíd go crazy!

If you had the opportunity to go back in the house and play the game again who would your targets be and would you play the game differently?

I wouldnít play any differently. However, as cautious as I was from the start about what I said and who I said it to, I could have been more tight lipped during week one.

Which houseguest do you think will make it far in the game and which houseguest would you like to see walk out the door next week?

Great girl, no ill feelings, however, I donít feel that Kalia deserves to be in the house. I believe and hope that Shelly makes it far. I definitely think at this point she is underestimated.

Going forward is there anything you will be taking away from this experience?
Absolutely! Itís an experience that even fans canít fully understand. It is certainly a human experiment Ė thrown into the oven with the heat turned up and it was very validating walking out to know that I was unchanged by it all. I feel very blessed to have been part of it for any amount of time.

Do you have any final comments you'd like to say to the viewers and your fans?
Thanks for the support, sorry I didnít have more time in the house to shake it up, but donít count me out yet! And I hope that I did my mommy and daddy proud!


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PostSubject: Re: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin   B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 8:37 pm

"But don't count me out yet!" If Adam or Lawon are sent packing this week, I hope Cassi will come back. Good interview....I appreciated the well thoughtout answers!! I must admit that I didn't know Cassi didn't care much for Kalia.
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PostSubject: Re: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin   B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 9:51 pm

Great answers by Cassi!! They are all so fooled by Shelly! Wait until she finds out what a snake Shelly was/is.
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PostSubject: Re: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin   B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 10:54 pm

Great interview! I hope she can come back to shake things up.
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PostSubject: Re: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin   B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin Empty

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B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Cassi Colvin
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