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Big Brother 16
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 B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Dominic Briones

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PostSubject: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Dominic Briones    B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Dominic Briones  EmptyFri Jul 29, 2011 4:42 pm

We had sent in more questions to Dominic and we were told by CBS today that they had to limit our questions to 10 from this interview and as well moving forward to keep it to 10 as it is too overwhelming to get through all of the written interviews per outlet.
Unfortunately for this interview they seemed to have taken out the better questions and left more softball style questions.

Let's start off with what many fans want to know. You threw the veto this week which resulted in you going home. What was the sense in not trying to win it and at the very least you were assured your safety?

I was 100% assured of my safety by Brendon and Rachel. They told me Jeff and Jordan were on board and I had an opportunity to play with the five veterans until the end. My back was against the wall, I either proved my loyalty to them by throwing the veto or I played against them and made myself target # 1 with all the newbies.

What are your thoughts on only getting 1 vote and 7 to evict you? Did you think you'd have more votes to keep you?

No, I knew it was going to be a 7-1 vote because the newbies are so scared of the vets they donít want to vote against them ever and the newbies knew if the voted with me it would be drawing a line in the sand. And like always, I knew the one person who would ever stand up to them is Dani.

You and Adam were an unlikely duo. How did you 2 wind up as a duo?

He chose me, so I donít know what went on his head, but I think it was because he knew he had good knowledge of the game and I would be a good physical competitor so together we could cover both aspects of the spectrum.

Had you stayed and won HOH who would have been your targets and why?

I would have put up Brendon and Rachel, told them that no matter who wins the veto they can pick who goes home because it's one of them. Jordan would have gone up as the alternate and no one would have kept them over Jordan. The reason being that they committed to the backdoor plan for Jeff, and backed out last minute and they didn't need to go exposing their plan to Jeff, throwing Dani under the bus.

Why do you think the newbies couldn't have banded together and form a stronger alliance you had the numbers?

Purely out of fear and intimidation of the vets. Lack of courage, a missing spine!

Who do you believe to be a dangerous player and is flying low under the radar?

Porsche right now is very dangerous and is flying completely under the radar because she is protected by Brendon and Rachel because she acts as their puppy.

What are your feelings on Dani? Was there more there than just an alliance and do you hold her responsible for your eviction?

Yes, there is more than just an alliance. There is a real bond that is more than just the Big Brother game and I am sure we will be friends outside of the house. She is the main reason that I am evicted because of her mistake of making a big move too soon is what got us in trouble, but I truly hold Brendon and Rachel responsible for committing to the plan and then backing out last second as opposed to just denying it from the beginning.

What did you think of Shelly's speech during the house meeting on Wednesday? Over the top or heart felt?

I think it was heart felt. I think everything Shelly says is heart felt and that speech was her being honest and truthful towards me.

Who would you be pulling for to win this week's HOH and who do you hope is the next houseguest sent packing and why?

Iím hoping Dani wins HOH for sure. I want her to take control and have a chance of swaying some numbers to her side. I would love to see Brendon sent packing because he controls Rachel and I donít like the way they attacked me and Dani.

If you could do it all over again. Is there anything you'd do differently?

Play with the veterans sooner and not stick with the newbies during the first two weeks of the game. I would have aligned with the vets and started cutting newbies from the beginning.


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PostSubject: Re: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Dominic Briones    B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Dominic Briones  EmptyFri Jul 29, 2011 8:36 pm

Sorry that some of the questions were taken away, but I think this was still a good interview nonetheless. I still cannot believe how fooled everyone is by Shelly. Dominic said it in the house that Shelly cannot be trusted, but still feels that her thoughts are truthful and honest. Yikes. She is clearly more dangerous a player than Porsche. I feel like Porsche is going to be a player similar to Jennifer from BB6. She will make a powerful move in the game only to be evicted immediately afterwards and completely forgotten in the BB universe. Ironically, Jennifer won the longest endurance competition "The Pressure Cooker", in BB history, but has little to no recognition in the BB community among HGs or fans.
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B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Dominic Briones
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