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Big Brother 16
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 B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore

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B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore  Empty
PostSubject: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore    B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore  EmptyFri Sep 02, 2011 4:22 pm

Hi Shelly this is B.B.A.D Radio and we'd like to say thank you for answering some of our questions. Let's start off with the speech you gave last night where you only addressed Rachel and Jordan. A good last ditch effort to save yourself from eviction. How true to this would you have been?

I spoke from the heart. I had made a decision at that point and would have stayed with Jordan and Rachel as a game move. Rachel is a strong competitor and I know I could work it from the social angle. I wouldnít have had to justify anything to Kalia in my opinion. I know she wanted Porsche and Adam to go with her to the final three and she had no intention of taking me with her to the end. I was not worried about Kalia towards the end of the week.

Shelly, if you had stayed and won HOH who would you have targeted? Which direction did you feel as though would had benefited you the most aligning with Porsche and Kalia or Rachel and Jordan?

I would have aligned with Rachel and Jordan. At that point, there was no way I would break Jordanís heart again and wanted her to know I would have stuck with her until the end. I would have put up Porsche and Kalia at that point.

Your game play surely was not being a HOH or POV queen. Were any of those competitions thrown? Harder than you thought?

Competitions were definitely harder than I thought. I tried. ON the banana I dropped off and that was definitely thrown Ė we did not have a good grip but knew we werenít going for that HOH. ON the others, I definitely tried my hardest. I am telling you all that they are much harder than they look. I thought I had the skiing one but my height made it difficult for me. I really tried the best I could with everything.

You turned on your alliance and tried to save Daniele to further yourself in the game as you felt that Jeff and Jordan would not take you to the finals, however, did you really think Daniele would have taken you over Kalia or Porsche? How did you see that big game move as being beneficial to you?

I did because if I could have kept Daniele in the game, Kalia would have left that game. Porsche was not that important to Daniele. If we could have made it work, I think Daniele would have taken me b/c from a competitive stand point, Daniele thought she could beat me. At the time, I thought it was a great move and wasnít sure if everything would align like that again. It turns out, since I am sitting here today, that it was not such a great move.

There was a big blowout just prior to last week's live eviction, how did this come about and did this make you want to rethink your decision or did it solidify your decision that Jeff must go?
The blowout solidified my decision and made me vote the way that I did. Jeff was telling me how the game was going to go and wouldnít even give me a chance to speak and let me tell him what was going on. If he had calmed down and let us talk things out, I may not have voted him out and we could have come to a happy medium. At the time I believed I did need to make a big move, but when he heard of the plan from Adam he didnít even listen to anything else. I had looked out for Jeff and Jordan the entire game by going to the other side to get information to me, and then they wouldnít even talk to me. Since I couldnít get them to calm down and talk to me, I was angry during the time of the fast forward eviction and was in that frame of mind during the vote.

In week one you sided with the vets over the newbies when you had the numbers and voted out Keith, why did you not vote with the newbies?
I knew at the beginning after talking to everyone for several days that for me, the best strategy was to side with the veterans. I took my age and combined it with their experience having played the game, and knew it would benefit me. I was also a big fan of Jeff and Jordan and knew how they played the game and thought I could play well with them. Also, the newbies would go crazy over the littlest things and wanted to be with people who were more under control. I didnít want to play with people who were out of control.

Did you underestimate your other housemates?

I donít think so. I donít think Iíve underestimated any of them.

You seemed like you were very loyal to Jeff and Jordan and your alliance and kept telling them that you were playing to get them to the end. Was this true and if it was, when did you decide to play for Shelly?

At the beginning, I really did want to see Jeff and Jordan get to the end. I had fallen in love with the love story as well and they wanted that financial stability to start their lives together and have their dreams come true. In life, I am more of a giver than a receiver. I enjoyed them and thought they were full of class. But as time continued on, I noticed I was putting Jeff and Jordan ahead of my own family. Here I am trying to push these kids along, but this prize would certainly help me take care of my immediate family and for my in laws and suddenly I realized I need to do this for me and that these two people (J&J) would be the ones to stand in my way at the end.

Who would you like to see follow you next to the jury house?

I would like to see Kalia or Porsche.

Which of the remaining houseguests do you feel is playing the best game and will more than likely win it all?

Jordan, not from a competitive game but from the genuine person game.


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B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore  Empty
PostSubject: Re: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore    B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore  EmptyFri Sep 02, 2011 5:03 pm

Great interview. She certainly will be remembered for her game play which is more than I can say for those still left in the game, with the exception of Rachel.
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B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore  Empty
PostSubject: Re: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore    B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore  EmptySat Sep 03, 2011 12:14 am

I appreciate the thought that Shelly put into these! Her response to your question about who is playing the best game lets me know that she will vote 100% personal. I wish her well with life outside the house...
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B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore  Empty
PostSubject: Re: B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore    B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore  Empty

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B.B.A.D Radio Exclusive Interview with Shelly Moore
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