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Big Brother 16
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 B.B.A.D Exclusive Post-Eviction Interview with Andrew

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B.B.A.D Exclusive Post-Eviction Interview with Andrew  Empty
PostSubject: B.B.A.D Exclusive Post-Eviction Interview with Andrew    B.B.A.D Exclusive Post-Eviction Interview with Andrew  EmptyFri Jul 30, 2010 4:25 pm

All houseguests are being sequestered we assumed it was because someone would be going back in as they have in previous seasons but we were shocked when Julie mentioned to Andrew about Matt's wife's illness being a lie which obviously affects the integrity of the game to know this if Andrew were to go back in the house. So because of that we asked Andrew some more indepth questions since he obviously isn't going back in the house and this is what he had to say...

B.B.A.D Exclusive Post-Eviction Interview with Andrew  Cast_thumb120_andrew_gordon
B.B.A.D Radio: You had the best speech before the houseguests casted their votes, the viewers loved it. Why didn't you say all of this yesterday during your house meeting which possibly could have helped in your campaigning to stay?

Andrew: I thought the best strategy was to have the least amount of time before voting or else they would have made deals and resolved the problem beforehand.

B.B.A.D Radio: Your speech was obviously against Kristen more so than Hayden was it the Taj room heated arguement that caused you to want to go after her in your speech or were you planning on targeting them all along?

Andrew: I have the utmost respect for Hayden. Kristen I knew had a dark side and I wanted to push her button to get the house against her.

B.B.A.D Radio: Were you aware of the Brigade alliance and what are your thoughts about the alliance of Hayden, Matt, Enzo and Lane?

Andrew: Sadly, I was not aware of it. They are playing it great. I expected Hayden and Lane and Matt but not Enzo.

B.B.A.D Radio: How long did you know of Hayden and Kristen's romantic alliance?

Andrew: Two weeks. Since I was in the Taj room.

B.B.A.D Radio: Were you surprised Hayden and Kristen were dumb in the sense they were having this pillow-talk each night in the Taj room and didn't think you were aware of it?

Andrew: Absolutely the worst move if they were trying to keep it hidden. I don’t understand. I thought that was proving they were in an alliance with me because they were so open.

B.B.A.D Radio: At what point did you realize you didn't have Kristen's vote because she assured you earlier in the week that she was going to vote Kathy out.

Andrew: The way she was ignoring me 24/7 is unusual for someone who is going to vote for you.

B.B.A.D Radio: What did you hand to Rachel as you were walking out the door?

Andrew: It’s a yamulka/beanie that has my bar-mitzvah date on it showing that I’m 39 years old - if they can figure out math.

B.B.A.D Radio: During your interview with Julie Chen you learned about Matt's wife's disease as being a lie, what are your thoughts about that?

Andrew: I knew people would use anything in this game. I am not offended by the lie… I was suspicious of it. Kudos to whatever tool you want to use to win this game.

B.B.A.D Radio: Where exactly did your loyalties lie before this week?

Andrew: Brendon and Rachel with a little Enzo in it.

B.B.A.D Radio: Let's go back to the beginning of the game real quick. Why is it that after the lights had gone out, you chose to get up and play your prank? and did you not fear that it would cause people to be suspicious of you?

Andrew: I was free from eviction that week. I wasn’t worried. I didn’t know it was a saboteur act till afterwards. It was a dumb move on my part.

B.B.A.D Radio: Being a practicing Orthodox Jew do you feel as though playing the game it was harder than you ancticipated going into the house? and if so do you have any instances you could share with us...

Andrew: I knew what I was getting myself into. I put a lot of thought into this. Being a have not took a toll on me later on in the week, but that wasn’t the hardest, it was not being able to play on Shabbat with electricity during a veto challenge.

B.B.A.D Radio: You left a lot of us viewers puzzled as to what you were thinking most of the time. Did you feel a sense of loyalty to Brendon and Rachel? And to follow up with that did you not see their open alliance as a threat?

Andrew: I felt a sense of loyalty to Brendon. They are a strong alliance.

B.B.A.D Radio: Speaking of alliances did you suspect any alliance forming if so who do you think were working together?

Andrew: I knew Matt, Lane and Hayden were very close friends and obviously Brendon and Rachel were in a separate alliance.

B.B.A.D Radio: During the Veto Ceremony why did you say you were going to be gunning after Brendon and Rachel and ask that Brendon use the Veto on you?

Andrew: I copied Matt during the house meeting and as a joke I said use the veto on me knowing that he wouldn’t.

B.B.A.D Radio: Was there any housemate of yours that you did not trust or believe and if so why?

Andrew: Lane – I never ever confided in Lane. I knew he was in an alliance with someone and I suspected Matt or Hayden.

B.B.A.D Radio: Who do you believe to be playing the best and worst game so far and why?

Andrew: Best game – Enzo – he is funny and he is protected in the Brigade

Worst game – Kathy – she isn’t doing anything. She’s just waiting to leave.

B.B.A.D Radio: If you could put your money on someone winning the half millions dollars now who would that be?

Andrew: Lane because he has the Brigade. He’s got other protection and he’s sliding under the radar and not upsetting anybody.

B.B.A.D Radio: What 1 word would you use to describe each remaining houseguest?


Brendon – Upstanding

Enzo – Comedic

Hayden – College boy

Lane – Ignorant

Matt – Schemer

Ragan – Blinded

Britney – Princess

Kathy – Floater

Kristen – Catalyst

Rachel – Halla

B.B.A.D Radio: Where do you believe the game went wrong for you?

Andrew: Speech during the veto ceremony

B.B.A.D Radio: What was your favorite and least favorite (other than being nominated and evicted) moment in the big brother house?

Andrew: Favorite – Winning every have competition and not being a have not
Least – Putting my foot in my mouth during the veto ceremony

B.B.A.D Radio: Wednesday morning you had called out Kristen in the bathroom and also had a heated arguement in the Taj room with Kristen. What was your reasoning behind that?

Andrew: I knew she was working with Kathy and I was preparing to out Kristen and Hayden.

B.B.A.D Radio: What prompted you to call the house meeting Wednesday evening? And did you think to call anyone out since you kept hinting to others that you had information on some people.

Andrew: I needed to resolve in people’s mind why I blew-up against Kristen. I should have called it out much earlier and brought it out to everybody. Then, I probably could have saved myself in the game.

B.B.A.D Radio: We all want to know, if you were to have not been evicted and would have won HOH who would you have nominated and would they be pawns? Who were your targets?

Andrew: I was going strait for Kristen and Hayden. Replacement would have been Matt.

B.B.A.D Radio: Was there something you didn't anticipate that you found to be challenging to your gameplay, if so what was that?

Andrew: Filling the dead time in the house.

B.B.A.D Radio: Last week you thought you might be going up as a replacement nominee but it ended up being Matt who went up as the replacement nominee. What were your thoughts on Matt offering to go up on the block, hence leaving you safe last week?

Andrew: It was a strategic move and not about being on the block. He wasn’t trying to save me he was trying to make himself look good to Brendon and Rachel.

B.B.A.D Radio: Were you surprised with Matt nominating you and Kathy? Were you expecting him to put up someone else, if so who?

Andrew: Absolutely! The obvious choice should have been Brendon and Rachel. By not doing that he showed that he was gunning for me.

B.B.A.D Radio: Sometimes it seems as though you isolated yourself in the game, do you think that hurt you? if not, please explain.

Andrew: I’m not a social butterfly. It hurt my game. I’m a player and competitor.

B.B.A.D Radio: Who were you hoping to work with had you stayed longer?

Andrew: Give me Brendon and Rachel with a little Enzo in there.

B.B.A.D Radio: If you could do it all over again, is there anything you would do differently and what would that be?

Andrew: I don’t know about the Brigade. I would have done the same plan and tried to align with Enzo better.

B.B.A.D Radio: Going forward, is there anything you're taking away from the experience of going through this?

Andrew: To appreciate family and friends. There are more important things in life.

B.B.A.D Radio: Is there anything you'd like the fans and viewers to know, any final comments.

Andrew: The game is much easier watching it on TV than in actuality. Trust me! It’s 10 times harder.

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B.B.A.D Exclusive Post-Eviction Interview with Andrew  Empty
PostSubject: Re: B.B.A.D Exclusive Post-Eviction Interview with Andrew    B.B.A.D Exclusive Post-Eviction Interview with Andrew  EmptyFri Jul 30, 2010 4:54 pm

Great interview ladies! I wish we could have "heard" Andrew's reaction when you exposed the Brigade alliance to him. I was surprised how close he was with Enzo, but then again, he did shave Enzo's back hair afterall. B.B.A.D Exclusive Post-Eviction Interview with Andrew  769840
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B.B.A.D Exclusive Post-Eviction Interview with Andrew
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