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Big Brother 16
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PostSubject: Jordan's HOH Blog   Jordan's HOH Blog EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 3:28 pm

HoH Blog Post #7: Jordan
August 20, 2009

Hey everyone this is Jordan!

I want to say HEY!!!!! to my family and friends back home i MISS YALL!!!! Mom i loved the letter as you can tell i cried through the whole thing. Im glad to hear your getting more hours at work and cant wait to see the new house and my new room. The letter assured me yall are doing fine cause i was worried about things since i have been gone so long. Tell Peyton I will pay him back for making my car payments while I'v been gone. i hope Tammy, Blake, Tori, Grandma, and Grandpa are doing good. If you talk to Jana tell her to tell dad I said hey cause i thought i would get a letter from him but I know he's watching.

Jordan's HOH Blog Hoh_jordan_blog3

I think everyone who's been keeping up with the show can tell that its been a crazy couple of months. It gets really hard in here sometimes alot harder than it looks cause your with these people 24 hours a day and there's constant fighting and arguing all the time you feel like its never going to end. These past couple of days its been calm which is really nice for a change. Whenever everyones fighting it makes it so much harder to have fun when we have luxury competitions or just regular ones because you cant enjoy them cause there's certain people yelling out mean, negitive, and hurtful comments about you or one of your friends in this house. Im so thankful that america gave Jeff the "mystery power." You all put it in the right persons hand. Me and Jeff have been the underdogs since day one and now I feel like are luck is actually starting to turn around because he got the chance to get Jesse out because no one was ever going to put him up. Everyone was scared of him because he had the most power and everyone loved him I couldn't ever understand why cause he's very arrogant.

Michelle started off as this shy person and she has fursure broken out of her shell. Shes a very sweet person who is very smart. I like being around her because I learn so many different things that i didn't know. If you don't know an answer to a question just ask her and she will have the answer and an explanation. Michelle has also lost 12 pounds and looks amazing. She looks like a new person I cant wait till her husband gets to see her.

Jeff is someone i would consider the all american guy. He's so FUNNY!!!, honest, straight forward... you never get tired of being around him, smart, cute, GREAT COOK, good kisser..haha, and the list goes on. Jeff's someone thats very likeable and makes you feel comfortable. he never says mean or rude comments unless he's kidding. Im so happy i have a friend like him here cause if i didn't i would have probably already been out of here. He keeps me sane and he's always so positive. Jeff's just a great person in general!

Russell i can't figure him out. He's a nice guy hidden by this tuff bad ass image. He's not as tuff as he looks. he's definitley a fighter and doesn't give up. He tells alot of lies. I don't ever know what to believe. I'm not sure if it's part of his strategey or if he's just trying to fit in with certain people. In this game Russell's someone you cant trust cause he will backstab you.

Kevin is the class clown type he always says something funny at the right time. Kevins a great person to be around hes been the therapist for all the girls since he's been here. He's always giving them advice or trying to talk them out of doing something crazy. I really respect Kevin and I don't think one person in this house can say one bad thing about him.

Natalie is a sweet person. I didn't like her at first but since jessie has left i have got to know her a little more. I like the natalie without jessie better. Shes a very honest straight forward person will tell you to your face. She can be a little sassy at times and talks back but i think its just because shes young. Natalies a tuff person she reminds me of a girl that all the guys can hang with and watch football or talk about sports.

Lydia is like night and day. she's very dramatic and likes alot of attention. She is short tempered and can get her feelings hurt very easy. I was closer to her in the beginning of the show but kind of kept my distant since then cause she is two face and plays sides in this game. I cant trust her period. I lost all respect for her during the HOH competition that I won and she called me a fat hoe when I have been nothing but nice to her and she said some really rude comments to michelle and jeff that day. But im sure outside this house in the real world she would be a fun person to go out with to a concert or a club. She dresses really neat and has many different styles she can pull off.

In all this has been a great summer and expierence I never would have thought in a million years that I would be spending my summer in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE!!!! I hope i haven't disappointed anyone or embarrassed myself on t.v. I have been myself 100% of the time and I hope everyone out there sees that and can see what type of person I am. I have told a couple of lies to people but you have to in this game because YOU CANT TRUST NO ONE!!!...well I take that back i can honestly say there's only one person and thats Jeff. We have a great friendship and I think he can say the same for me because in the beginning with the whole techno tronics thing and no one talked to jeff I was the only person that did. I didnt care what anyone else thought when I was the only person talking to him because I knew deep down that he was a good person and that he would be a good allie.

I defintiley believe in karma what goes around comes around and Jesse already got his and russell will fursure be next because I know he's pretending to be allies with me and jeff but he's really trying to stab us in the back. I have a hard decision this week if russell doesnt win the POV cause i have been thinking about backdooring him while I have the chance because im scared if he gets HOH that me and Jeff are going up on the block. I have to stab him in the back before he gets us and this way it will be good because he wont expect it until it happens.

alright well I think I have said enough i tried to fill everyone in on the game, the people here, and whats going on i hope yall enjoy what I had to say I love all the fans rooting me and my team on YALL ARE SOOOO GUCCIE!!!!!!!!!!
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Jordan's HOH Blog
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