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Big Brother 16
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 Jessie's HOH Blog

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PostSubject: Jessie's HOH Blog   Jessie's HOH Blog EmptyMon Jul 20, 2009 5:08 pm

HoH Blog Post #1: Jessie
July 15, 2009

Would like to start out and say THANK YOU to all parties involved for giving me a second chance at this amazing game!!! I can’t stress enough how grateful I truly am for a once in a life time opportunity, TWICE! I LOVE BIG BROTHER!!! The Athletes are the Best, Strongest, and I would go as far as Smartest too - inside these walls haha ahhhhh! C'mon would you expect me to say otherwise! If I cant believe in myself or my teammates how can anyone else begin to entertain the thought of wanting too!!!
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Some key players on the Team are as follows: Natalie-aka Little Gunz coming straight out of AZ, very sneaky, tender heart, would fight for what she believes in scrapper through and through! By far the one and only person I truly confide in and open up to 100%. She is such a great person, bright individual, with poise, shown determination, little spitfire.. she pushes back when someone pushes first, while still also homespun showing she was brought up right. Both looks and personality traits working on her side by far the most attractive woman in the last two seasons, a guy can have an opinion. Russell the love Muscle aka-by way of MN, has by far the strongest mind inside the house when it comes down to blocking out the pain during a competition having to do w/endurance...seriously anyone that can hold onto a toilet seat while having back cramps is AWESOME to have as part of the team! Jeff-Tuna-AKA "Technotronics" granted the team and Jeff got off to the wrong start ALTHOUGH I can see us utilizing that later on down the road when the opportunity presents itself to do so.

The Brains Ronnie and Chima have teamed up with us the Athletes to hopefully extend the longevity of both parties stay inside the house for the time being. Ronnie seems as though he is a very very intelligent person as well as Chima so the collaboration of all parties or individuals involved should benefit tremendously.

Other side bets are as follows: Casey, Russell, and myself Athletes plus Laura
Jessie's HOH Blog Hoh_2
Wild cards for me due to not having any relationship really built between each other would be with Jordan, Jeff, Laura, Michele.

The Athletes in short While both Little Gunz and RTLM's mind set coming into the house is Win @ ALL COSTS and stay in the game. Jeff is the only one in the group not wanting the heat or blood shed of sending someone home, and upsetting their friends that are left inside the house. While I see a HUGE part of my personality in Natalie it will be a great summer, she tells things how it is and for the most part is usually always right! With that being said though we both tend to beat a dead horse until everyone knows what we were thinking, and what were going to do to either prevent it from happening or just explain our actions to the utmost degree. Russell has a very short fuse sometimes and might be a down fall later but as of right now I see he is trying to hold his tongue as long as possible and then we'll deal with the problem later when we can. Both of which though reflect on me due to us all sharing one common factor, the Title of being an Athlete, so now I have to TRY and diffuse different things and events when I can but shoot I'm only one MAN!?! I can only fend off the wolves when they smell blood for so long. Needless to say I guarantee things will get interesting regardless!!! I mean shoot we ALL know I got it America, whether you loved me or hated me, your voice was heard all three times you could vote last year! I have to say I am truly flattered and grateful for that, and PROMISE not to let you down! Fair warning- I dont plan on wearing a shirt that often! So this year I thought of starting an Apprenticeship with Natalie so she can take over the reigns… The Young Gunz and Little Gunz Show!!! Think about it ;*) it will grow on you!!!

SO at this time thats where my head is at, just trying to play the game savvy as possible. I know things will be different within the next 2hrs after I step out those doors I could smile wrong and things could get turned upside down!!! Also regardless of who I talk with I am always going to think worst case scenario were I will be up on the block with one of my fellow Athletes from here on out until I am HOH again or granted one of them obtain the reigning power of HOH! Not one day inside the BB house is a given, I again would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Everyone that made this possible.
Jessie's HOH Blog Hoh_1
Much LOVE and RESPECT out to all of my Family, Friends, and FANS! Love you Mom, Dad, Brothers, and Sister, Aunt, Cousins, Jose, Bill BB2, Michele BB10, and BG you guys are all great thank you ALL for the awesome support system, hoping that your having a great of a time watching as I am participating!!!

Nothing But the Best with "Continuous Expertise" and NOTHING LESS Jessie "Young Gunz" Mr. Natural Iowa 2008, Youngest Natural Professional Bodybuilder in the USA, Cover Fitness Model, Big Brother 10 Star, Big Brother 11 Winner (fingers crossed)!

GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Jessie's HOH Blog   Jessie's HOH Blog EmptyMon Jul 20, 2009 6:49 pm

You don't have fans you fugly walking steroid.
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Jessie's HOH Blog
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