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Big Brother 16
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HoH Blog Post #5: Chima

August 12, 2009

So I just came up to my HOH room and there's a black widow spider placed precariously by my door. I say "placed" because it's hard to believe that anything that happens in this house is purely coincidental. Do I believe that someone is always out to get me? In everyday In the BB house...sometimes. Most recently it's been Russell. He may view me as a black widow and rightfully so as I plan on ending his life in this game. I'm currently on the war path and he's my target. My father Mark is a retired Marine and I've learned well how to take down an enemy.

It wasn't always this way...Russell and I were friends least I thought so. But his actions have shown otherwise. He derides & devalues everyone is this game endlessly. A conversation with him consists mainly of him speaking ill of the other housemates. Right now he's downstairs disparaging my character, my accomplishments, my hair, my family, etc....the list goes on. His former false apologies went unheard. His farce as a good guy ended as abruptly as it started. His lies never stopped. Befriend, Backstab, Bully....his M.O.(always interchangeable depending on the victim). But I'm no victim. I'm a survivor and always have been. He tried to play the wrong person...hence he's on the block.

Russell tries really hard to be a villain, but anyone aware of good vs. evil in any plot line knows that the bad guy must have some redeeming qualities in order for the audience to care. Enough about him, he's going home & I am now focused on the next half of this game and surviving the new twists & turns. I've only made it this far with the help of my alliance...Natalie, Jessie, & formerly Ronnie. We have dominated the power structure in this house and I'm grateful for having them on my side. As much as many people in the house hated Ronnie, he was loyal to me. I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for his vote week 1. Hope you're well Ronnie! The biggest BB fan there ever was. I miss your encyclopedic knowledge of this game. Kisses!

Natalie is my sister in this house. We bonded almost immediately and it was because of her that I even got close to Jessie. It is important to have people you trust in this game because so many people are lying to your face on a constant basis. I have that with Natalie & Jessie. When they're awake long enough to speak with me I know that they're speaking the truth. Sleeping too much in the BB house will lead to your downfall. VERY important, game changing events can happen while you're asleep so one of my strategies while in this house is staying awake & trying to keep my alliance awake as well. That, in itself, is time consuming.

Overall, I'm enjoying this experience. I've grown to like people I would never encounter nor engage in the outside world. You find that people, all people, are more alike than they are different. Everyone in this house has a story... no one story better than the other, just different. We have connected over common interest, commiserated over shared experience, and collaborated as it relates to this game. And no matter what, this is a game. I remind myself daily that although I can't speak with my family & friends they await me on the other side. While I'm in here playing a game, the real world is having it's way with them, good & bad. That's just life and as bad as it can get in here with tempers flaring and that damn Have Not room I's just a game & quite honestly an escape from the real hurdles LIFE can throw your way. I'd rather be a Have Not in the BB house than a Have Not in the real world. Agreed? ;)

I can't leave without giving a big hug & kiss to my mother, Lisa who's getting better each day & just had a birthday, August 11th. Love you MOM! Thanks for the letter. may not have aired, but BB gave me a nice birthday party and Grandma sent her love in a birthday card. I love you ladies sooooo much! As I write this, a picture of Great Grandma is to the right of me...she started it all. You strong women have made me who I am today...I'm eternally grateful.

Thank you all for watching! Season 11 rocks!!!


The first female HOH, Chima...
Let's keep this trend going. A lady winning this summer is a must!
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Chima's HOH blog
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