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Big Brother 16
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 Exit Interview with Hayden Voss

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Exit Interview with Hayden Voss  Empty
PostSubject: Exit Interview with Hayden Voss    Exit Interview with Hayden Voss  EmptyFri Aug 08, 2014 1:42 pm

We were able to ask Hayden some questions after his exit, and here is what he had to say.  

You've had some time to think about last night's events.  How surprised were you by Jocastas eviction?   and did that put you on higher alert for your own game?

Hayden:  Yes, I was very surprised by Jocasta’s eviction but as soon as it happened, I knew what was going on.  I knew I’d be up there.

What was the general mood of the house leading up to the live show?

Hayden:  Paranoid.  Very paranoid, everyone was running around, dipping into rooms and having secret conversations.

Since you weren't part of the majority to evict Jocasta and were blindsided.  What do you think went wrong?  Is there anyone you hold responsible?

Hayden:  I hold Derrick and Cody responsible for making it seem so sure of what was going to happen and then going against it.

When Caleb became the new HOH did you feel safe with him not putting you up or did you know you were being put up?  Did you try and talk to him prior to being put up?

Hayden:  I knew I was being put up but I did try to talk to him because I thought I could sway him.  I didn’t have enough time – it happened all too fast.

During your eviction speech you threw Frankie and Christine under the bus, can you elaborate why them?

Hayden:  I threw them under the bus because I knew they were a part of it for sure, but looking back on it, I should have thrown Cody and Derrick with them since they were the masterminds behind it.  

Is there anyone you felt you fully trusted in the house and anyone you felt you could not trust at all?

Hayden:  Well I fully trusted Nicole and I definitely felt like I couldn’t trust Christine at all.

Who do you think is in a good position in the house? and is it more than one?  and would you see this person as running the house?

Hayden:  Well I think Caleb and Victoria are both in good spots but I don’t see either one of them running the house.  I see them being missed as a target as the week’s progress.

Had you won HOH instead of Caleb, who would you have put up? and would it be the same people you would have put up prior to Jocasta being evicted?

Hayden:  I would have put up Derrick and Cody and then thrown Christine and Frankie under the bus.  If Zach was gone, I would have put up Christine and Frankie.  

Julie had mentioned to you last night that you might have the opportunity to go back into the house and play.  If you were to go back into the house, who would you align with and who would your targets be?

Hayden:  I would try to align with Donny and Nicole and go after the two east coast boys, Cody and Derrick.

Who would you like to see evicted next and following you into the Jury house?

Hayden:  I mean I would love to see Cody evicted but I’m not sure how feasible that is…

If you don't go back into the house are there any houseguests you'd like to see go far in the game?, if so who? and are there any you definitely hope get evicted?

Hayden:  I’d like to see Donny and Nicole go far and I hope that Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Christine get evicted.

Check back for our Interview with Jocasta Odom

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Exit Interview with Hayden Voss
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