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Big Brother 16
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PostSubject: Interview with Memphis Interview with Memphis EmptyThu Sep 18, 2008 11:43 pm Interview with Memphis Mediaf10

MF: Congratulations on being the person supposed to go the 1st week & making it to the end.

MEMPHIS: Thank you, thank you. I appreciate it.

MF: How shocked are you at the 7-0 vote?

MEMPHIS: I wasn't shocked that Dan won. I had a feeling he would pull it off & I actually told him that a few days earlier but the 7-0 was definitely a shock. I obviously thought I would have more love in the Jury House & I didn't get any.

MF: Did Jerry ever explain what the "kindness" was that Dan gave him that made him vote for him over you?

MEMPHIS: You know what? I didn't say a word to Jerry after that & you probably won't see me ever talk to that old man again.

MF: Do you blame Keeshond for holding a grudge against you?

MEMPHIS: I don't blame Keeshond for anything, for holding a grudge. It is a game. A lot of people walk into that house w/ a lot of emotion & a lot of emotion in the game & they played w/ it & you can see how obviously I lived it. It was, I don't know. She was one of those girls that played w/ her heart & w/ a lot of emotion & she wasn't willing to take the fact of her getting voted out.

MF: Why did you keep Jerry over her?

MEMPHIS: It's simply I kept Jerry over her cuz I had a deal w/ him. Keeping Jerry & then Dan, it sealed me going to the Final 2.

MF: Are you upset w/ Dan for not telling you about taking Michelle on the trip?

MEMPHIS: [Laughs] No I wasn't upset w/ Dan. When I found out the little things that Dan did in the game just made me respect him more. At first glance I was like he is playing the game but you know he's not that into it. When I found out all these little things that he's done through the season it made me respect him even more. He is actually a good game player.

MF: Do you think Dan would have kept Keeshond over you to go to Final 2 or were you sure that you 2 would go to the end together?

MEMPHIS: That would have been a tough situation for him to be put in. I want to say that I hope that he would pick me but that's a decision he hopefully didn't have to make & I made it so he didn't have to do that. He didn't have a choice.

MF: Why did you let Dan totally throw you under the bus to get Keeshond's vote before she left & secured her vote?

MEMPHIS: I was kind of hoping that Keeshond would kind of realize being the smart person that she is that it wasn't just my decision & she has to realize me & Dan going into the Final 2 against Jerry she has to realize that there was something else behind it. I mean, she did. She's a smart girl. I just don't think she put 2 & 2 together. I was hoping she would & would realize obviously me & Dan going against Keeshond was a lot harder for us than going against Jerry.

MF: How do you feel finding out Dan WAS America's Player even if it was just for 1 week?

MEMPHIS: I was laughing pretty hard. Everybody was convinced that he was AP the whole time & everybody was trying to convince me & I was telling everybody the whole season I don't care if he's AP. I have an alliance w/ him so if you know what? If America wants him good. That means I'm gonna be safe.

MF: [Laughs] When you guys talked to the jury which juror's questions or comments surprised you the most?

MEMPHIS: I think Renny's surprised me the most. It was definitely a loaded question. In this game you don't do a lot for other people. You're looking out for yourself. & when she asked me that, she knew the answer no matter what I said to her, it's pretty much nothing.

MF: Yeah, I don't understand why that would matter to anyone on what you did for them cuz they're not there so...

MEMPHIS: I'm not there to play the game for Renny.

MF: After you talked to the jury, whose votes did you think you had?

MEMPHIS: [Laughs] After we had the jury thing I didn't think I had anybody's vote. I felt pretty bad & felt like I had been through a firing squad. It was pretty rough. & that was kind of a turning point in my mind. I was like if I win this it is going to be luck of the draw cuz after that I felt the majority of the people kind of connected w/ Dan rather than I.

MF: OK. The whole thing w/ getting Jerry's money. Would you have taken that money & kept it?

MEMPHIS: No. I would have never taken that man's money. That wasn't the intentions & it got blown out of proportion. I was just trying to get good faith. I was trying to trust the guy. The fact is, Jerry has lied through the whole game. I didn't trust that he would take me to the Final 2. So I wanted some kind of collateral to make me feel better about my decision of voting out one of my friends & keeping him. He took it the wrong way. Whatever. I think he made a good deal w/ the 4 grand & was so surprised that April gave it to him & I think he deserved it.

MF: So how do you feel, I believe it was Keesond in the Jury House that said you were going to split the money w/ her & Renny & Dan so I don't know if that is what helped turn Jerry's vote against you.

MEMPHIS: That probably did help a lot & it's kind of funny cuz I am pretty sure if they watch the tapes it was Renny's idea & it was 4 weeks before that. That was a totally different time we were talking about it & it was Renny's idea. I actually never asked him cuz I kind of felt bad. So I never asked him about the money. Whatever.

MF: People have talked about Jerry being a floater. Wasn't everybody including yourself kind of like a floater? You were on your own until you hooked up w/ Dan & then you still had something kind of w/ Michelle & something w/ Keesond.

MEMPHIS: Yeah, I definitely relied on me & Dan, on The Renegades for something that we started early but it would hopefully pay off in the long run but it wasn't something, that was it. I wasn't going to let me game just play w/ one person. I think looking back at the game you kind of have to spread yourself a little thin & see where you're at w/ a lot of other people to make it in this game.

MF: You didn't even like you tried al that hard at some of the competitions. Which ones did you throw?

MEMPHIS: I can honestly sit her & tell you I only threw, well besides the onion one in which I won an onion necklace, I only threw 2 competitions & 1 was the Eliminator one & the other one was the 1st part of the HoH w/ the airplanes. Those were the only 2 that I threw. I was just bad at all the other ones.

MF: What made you decide, you had the alliance early on w/ Michelle & then you left Michelle & went w/ the other side. What made you decide to just let Michelle go?

MEMPHIS: I let Michelle go cuz I knew she was gonna self-destruct. Once you really get to know someone after 4 weeks of spending all your time w/ them you really get to know how somebody's personality is & I could tell she was gonna self-destruct. She played w/ her emotions way too much. The fact that she won a Hawaiian trip & actually thought she was gonna keep it winning 5th place was one thing I was like, OK. This girl doesn't know what's she's doing.

MF: Would you have picked to go to Final 2 with Dan?

MEMPHIS: Yeah, definitely. I would have picked Dan.

MF: & why? Cuz you thought you could beat him or cuz of your loyalty?

MEMPHIS: My loyalty lied w/ Dan for sure but I think I actually had a better shot [laughs] Believe it or not I actually thought I had a better shot against Dan than I would Jerry. Go figure when it is 7-0.

MF: Actually I thought so too. Were you surprised then that the Jury House actually seemed to vote gamewise & didn't seem to be all cut up in the emotional stuff?

MEMPHIS: I hope they did. If they voted gamewise I'm glad they did. That's one thing that I wanted them to vote for. I wanted them to respect my game & the way I played the game & how I played it more straightforward. I didn't have to lie to get where I was & that was kind of what I was going off of & hoped they realized that & they obviously didn't. If they didn't that's their decision, I hope they did vote for game. I hope they voted for who they thought played the best game.

MF: Is there anything you wish you had done differently?

MEMPHIS: Looking back, no. There's nothing I would have done differently. No way.

MF: Is there anything you did in the game that you regret?

MEMPHIS: No. Nothing at all.

MF: Besides Dan, who else do you want to stay in contact w/?

MEMPHIS: [Laughs] I think I would probably stay in contact w/ Steven, Brian & Angie. That's probably about it & Dan.

MF: I think you are the perfect person to ask this. How hard was it to live w/ a bunch of jealous, catty girls?

MEMPHIS: Oh man. You know I have a lot of sisters. My sisters don't compare to these girls. They are out of hand, emotional all the time. You know what? My parents after talking to them & stuff & after they watched the season, like it's crazy to hear the way these girls talk about one another, another girl. It's kind of crazy. I never knew that people could be so, say the things people would say.

MF: Is Renegade Wear going to be a real thing?

MEMPHIS: Oh Renegade Wear, look out for it. It's coming.

MF: Are you guys going to Vegas?

MEMPHIS: We are going to Vegas.

MF: With the girlfriends in the new car?

MEMPHIS: The girlfriends will be there.

MF: Well Memphis those are all the questions I have for you. I want to congratulate you again & have fun in Vegas.

MEMPHIS: Thank you.
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