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Big Brother 16
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PostSubject: Interview with Keesha Interview with Keesha EmptySun Sep 14, 2008 10:51 am

MF: Do you think you lived up to your goal of not being fake?

KEESHA: I really think that I did. What you see is pretty much what you get with me.

MF: Do you regret all the talking behind peopleís backs you did & criticizing them for things you yourself were doing?

KEESHA: I donít like talking behind peoples back and I am sure we all have regrets in that area. Sometimes things fly out of your mouth because you are so upset and u regret them right away.

MF: Why didnít you even attempt to save Renny from going on the block before she was on the block with you?

KEESHA: There was nothing I could do at that point in time. For whatever reason I knew that Jerry wanted to keep Memphis in the house and I knew Memphis wanted Renny out of the house. I felt very helpless at that point in time. I just wish that I would have won the veto and been able to help her out. Now, it all makes since why Jerry wanted Memphis in the house.

MF: Why would you blame Angie for Stevenís eviction when you voted him out too & it was your friends that targeted him?

KEESHA: I had to go with the house in the votes it was way to early in the game to stir up to much with me and the whole house.

MF: Donít you think it is hypocritical to make fun of people for being upset when they were going to be voted out & saying it was just a game & then when you find out you might be going you have a total meltdown?

KEESHA: I donít recall making fun of anyone when they were going to be evicted from the house. I felt really bad for certain people to be leaving the house.

MF: Why was it OK for you not to follow what the HoH [April] wants but not OK for anyone else to vote how they wanted when you were HoH?

KEESHA: They all had a mind of their own and could have done whatever they wanted whenever I was HOH I couldnít control them. I wanted them to vote my way of course to get further ahead. I was not only protecting myself but also Libra and April at that point in the game. I knew Angie wasnít coming after me but she was going to come after two people that I needed at that point in the game and I didnít want them to leave. Whenever April was HOH I kept trying to explain to her that I was very worried about Jessie coming after myself and Libra.

MF: Do you think since this is a game it is OK to do whatever is necessary to win?

KEESHA: No I do not!!!!! I think that people need to consider that they are going to be judged on their actions in the house.

MF: Why did you hate April so much?

KEESHA: I just donít get along with April. I just think that April requires to much attention for me to handle and she is to fake. Hate is a very strong word.

MF: What do you think you could have done differently to stay in the game?

KEESHA: I should of taken Memphis out when I had the chance.

MF: How did you figure out that Memphis was going to keep Jerry?

KEESHA: I was sitting alone just thinking about everything and it just all made since [sense]. I kept asking Memphis if he was going to evict me and you could tell that he would get very uncomfortable and leave the room. The week before whenever he really was keeping me he gave me a totally different reaction. Also, Jerry was acting way to calm and being very nice to me and I knew that was not like Jerry unless he knew that he was safe.

MF: Do you have any regrets?

KEESHA: I guess some of my biggest regrets is that I really wish I would of gotten rid of Memphis when given the chance. I donít like the fact that sometimes I flew off the handle and said some mean things about people that never makes you feel good.
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This is like one of the best ones ever. I just absolutely abhor this chick & am giddy at her being out of the game. Love it! On to the show.

She said she was very hurt by Memphis voting her out. When she found out she couldnít stop crying. She claims she has done so much for him & had people hating her for sticking up for him. Sorry honey. People hate you cuz of YOU. She said she saved him cuz she liked him & thought she would go far w/ him. She knows he took her out cuz of the game. But she never would have done that to him. She thinks he did it cuz he thought she was a threat & was afraid she would choose Dan or Dan would choose her for F2. Julie asked if she would have chosen Dan & she said possibly. She would have waited to see how they acted before she decided. So basically, whoever could kiss Princessí ass the most she would keep cuz thatís how she rolls. Itís all about her. Keeshond said Jerry was never in the running for her to keep him. Never an option. Dan & Memphis had stood beside her a long time. She loves Dan cuz she thinks he is such a sweetheart [cuz he kissed her ass] & she doesnít know what she would have done w/o him [cuz he kissed her ass]. She said he made a wall so they could sleep together on her last night. She thinks of him as a little brother.

She said Jerry is a good competitor or he wouldnít be there. [Better than Keeshond thatís for sure.] She thinks his age has a lot to do w/ why he is still there. People always say they will get him out later. She claims he has said things that the younger people couldnít get away w/ like calling Dan Judas. [Honey, you said some pretty nasty things in there yourself. You talked just as much trash as Jerry & then some. But nice try.]

She said she loves Renny [cuz she kissed her ass]. She has never met anyone like her. She is an amazing person [cuz she kissed her ass] & feels like a piece of her left w/ her [cuz she kissed her ass]. Julie tried to make an excuse for Keeshondís sucky gamplay & asked if it was harder to compete w/ Renny gone. Keeshond said no. That cracked me up cuz all her delusional fans have made this excuse for the last week that poor sweet Keeshond just couldnít go on w/o her RennyRoo when the fact is Keeshond NEVER played this game. She played cool kid clique. The only moves she made was to take out the girls that she felt threatened by in the looks department or the boy who didnít fawn all over her to keep the boy that did. So pathetic.

Keeshond said the house is so surreal. She thinks she was constantly talked about. That always made me laugh. Since she is always trashing people behind their backs she always thinks itís her that is being talked about. Marcia Marcia Marcia. She said her emotions were all over the place. She didnít know what to expect [since she wasnít a fan of the show & didnít audition & her agent got her on] but thought she was prepared. She wasnít. She thinks you have to observe a lot to survive in there & canít be too upfront too fast.

She isnít worried about dealing w/ April in the jury house cuz thinks she will be too busy w/ Ollie. She said her & April wonít ever get along. [Cuz Keeshond is too jealous of another blonde & hates them on sight.]

Keeshond said her relationship w/ Libra was weird. She likes her but it was very awkward. She thinks they will be friends after the show.

Julie did the stupid true/ false headlines thing. The 3 networks got together for a telethon for cancer. Keeshond said false when itís true.

Tom Brady got hurt in the 1st game & is out for the season. Keeshond said false & itís true.

GM & Ford stopped making SUVs for the environment. Keeshond got that one right saying false.

Britney is back. Keeshond hoped it was true [she is a huge fan, shocker] & Julie said she was right cuz of Britney ďwinningĒ 3 VMAs.

Oprah has retired to South Africa to work on her school. Keeshond is on a roll & got that right as well, false.

Madonna angered Catholics dedicating ĎLike a Virginí to the Pope? Keeshond hopes itís false. Itís true.

Keeshond said the house makes you very paranoid & thinks she will hear voices for awhile. She canít wait to see her family & dog. She said she slept a lot to pass the time. & that is it. I am so excited that I donít have to see or hear her in the feeds for the rest of the week. I would rather watch Jerry pick his nose than that superficial snob. I just wish she had left way earlier.
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Keesha Interview with Keesha EmptySun Sep 21, 2008 12:40 am

I loved Keesha.
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