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Big Brother 16
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 Memphis Interview with BuddyTv

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PostSubject: Memphis Interview with BuddyTv   Memphis Interview with BuddyTv EmptyFri Sep 19, 2008 11:11 am

Exclusive Interview: Memphis, 'Big Brother 10' Runner-Up, Part 1

Memphis was Memphis. You have to give him that. He might not have been the friendliest guy in the world to the people he didn't like, and he might not have played the most intellectual game of anyone in Big Brother history. What he did do was play a steady, calculating, relatively mistake-free season of Big Brother. And, you know, he's a Renegade. You can never take that away from him. Big Brother 10's legacy will likely be the dominance of The Renegades, and for good reason. Memphis was an equal, if not quieter, partner of Dan in their season-long thrashing.

Below you will find the full written transcript of the interview, along with the full mp3 audio

Hey, this is Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV and I'm here with Memphis, the runner up on Big Brother 10. Memphis, what's going on?

What's happening, guys?

So, how's everything going? Been kind of a whirlwind day for you?

Yeah, man. W. haven't even been out of the house for 24 hours, so, yeah it's definitely a whirlwind of nonstop craziness. Definitely a lot to take in.

Going back to last night, how confident were you feeling going into the live show?

I wasn't feeling too confident on winning, let's just say that. I got the feeling that I wouldn't be walking away with a half a mill, but I was OK with that. I thought I had a great summer and I won a little bit of money and a car, and that's kind of the way I looked at it walking into the finale. And the fact is, I wouldn't have wanted anybody else next to me besides my fellow Renegade. It was a win for both of us, I feel, and that's kind of how I'm taking it.

Did you get the sense that you weren't going to win because of the jury questions?

(laughs) You know, I had a sense even before that that I might not have a chance, but after the firing squad pelted me with all those bullets I definitely didn't feel like my chances went up any.

Even so, you probably didn't think it would be a 7-0 vote. W.ose votes were you at least counting on?

I was counting on a couple and I thought that people would realize that I played a respectable, straightforward game. I thought people would respect that and hopefully get me some votes. One vote that I was counting on - and I'm still a little pissed off about - even win lose or draw, I still wanted Jerry's vote. That might sound crazy but, you know, I did give him a chance to win this game. I took him to the final three and I gave him an opportunity and I lost a friend in that opportunity that I took. It really pissed me off that he at least didn't give me that vote. The thing is the jury, though this whole season, they were a bunch of sheep and they went in the direction that everybody else wanted to. It really showed up in the jury house in how they voted because everybody decided to vote together. I mean, they had that mentality all through the season and that's why they were all in the jury house together.

Have you talked to any of the jury members about the votes since last night? Especially Jerry or Keesha?

You know what, I haven't. I really haven't talked to any of those guys. The thing is, is that I made a lot of good friends. Dan and Angie and Brian and Steven, but I didn't really connect that well with a lot of the other people. I'm going to take it just like in my real life. If I don't like you, I'm not going to talk to you.

You said that you lost a friend in Keesha, do you think that it's irreparable or are you going to try and make amends with her?

No, I'm going to try and make amends probably. W. have a big party tomorrow night and she'll probably be there and we'll see. The thing is, I knew she would take it hard, but the fact is it would have been a stupid game move to keep her. And I don't think she's realized that, you know what I mean? I think once she realizes that, she might be like "All right Memphis, I forgive you, because it would have been dumb for you to take me," you know what I mean? And I don't think she's come to that realization yet.

Going back to the beginning of the season you, out of anyone, played a really steady game. W.s that your plan going into the house or did you have something different on your mind?

No, that's just kind of how I am in real life. I'm very cool, calm, kind of like whatever. It works in my real life, in this amazing life that I love and I was like, "You know what, if this can work in my real life, it might work in the game." So, that's kind of the mentality I kept through the whole game.

Did you happen to make any changes in your mindset over the course of the season, or were you able to pretty much play the game that you set out to play in the beginning?

I think I pretty much stuck with the same game plan. I knew there was going to be some deals I had to make and then I was going to have to cut and clip through the game and I did do that. There was a couple of situations that I had to trust some people, but overall it was pretty straightforward and I think I stayed steady with how I played the game.
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Memphis Interview with BuddyTv
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