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Big Brother 16
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Evel Dick on Hustler!!!!---News from his Myspace Bb12_l11To view the most recent topics & join in on discussions click on PORTALEvel Dick on Hustler!!!!---News from his Myspace Bb12_l13
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 Evel Dick on Hustler!!!!---News from his Myspace

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Evel Dick on Hustler!!!!---News from his Myspace Empty
PostSubject: Evel Dick on Hustler!!!!---News from his Myspace   Evel Dick on Hustler!!!!---News from his Myspace EmptyMon Mar 16, 2009 8:38 pm

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ordering a signed Hustler Magazine
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I got an advance copy of this month's Hustler magazine from my friend Paul over at the AVN. Paul ***** rules (and his wife is hot!) Thanks Paul, you rock my friend...

I want to thank Hustler for doing a great job with the entire interview.
My Mother is so proud I made the cover of Hustler (she's an ordained minister, remember?)

Anyhow, I will have a better idea about when and how much and how to order a copy of this magazine that I will personally sign for you, either across the full page pic that you see in my default pic, or on the cover. I will see how many I can get first off then figure out what the cost of everything will amount to and all that *****.... plus some beer money for me, I thank you in advance for all the interest and people that have posted comments in my last blog like I asked and even to the hundreds of dyslexic, blind or just plain tarded people that can't follow direction for sending me all the messages.

So, expect to check back Tues or Wed at the latest, to get the details of where to order and all that *****.

Please don't worry, it will be NOTHING like the ebay headache of the auctions I did. I will have some type of form to fill out and download then send it with your money order, that I will just take some gum and stick it to an armed pony express rider who will personally deliver it to your neighbors son to masturbate to, before giving to you with some pages stuck together....
Hopefully those pages won't be mine..

Also, check out the new pics, under new/old pics... These were from the VH1, Rock Autism Charity Event I was invited to, along with a few from the Fox Reality Awards Red Carpet, My most recent trip to Orlando/Daytona and other crap, I think....

If you haven't seen it yet, there is another YouTube account with some new footage on it from RealPlayer, so check Real Player or the YouTube account, the account is under the name of TheRealEvelDick or RealEvelDick, I forget and am too lazy to look. But they will be posting every episode of my RealPlayer webcast, the Suicidal Show and interview with Mike Muir is already there.

And if anyone sees Flava Flav, tell him to post that ***** pic of he and I at the AVN Awards, so I can rip it and post it here.

And lastly, I will be talking with the President of Vivid, my friend Steven again soon, maybe this week about working out a deal to be part of their ShowTime show next season, as well as to direct a porn for him. So bust out the Jergins and a few tissues and get ready (probly next year, lol...)
And Steven didn't even hesitate in wanting to sponsor my webcast again this year, so thank you Steven (unless he said yes when the cocktail waitress asked if she could demonstrate a deep throat for him on a Galliano bottle because she heard they would be remaking the movie and looking for a girl to star in it. I mean, I was asking first, but when she did her immitation of a sword swallower and pushed it down past the lable on the bottle and he just blurted out, YES! I said cool and then thanks and went home.

That's all the news that is fit to print boys and girls, tune in again on Tues or Wed. to find out how to get a signed copy of this months Hustler Magazine with my interview in it.....
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Evel Dick on Hustler!!!!---News from his Myspace
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