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Big Brother 16
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 Evel Dick on his relationship with Daniele

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PostSubject: Evel Dick on his relationship with Daniele   Evel Dick on his relationship with Daniele EmptyTue Jun 18, 2013 6:46 pm

WOW! Sadly, I believe this all to be true.  Daniele acted very much like that on BB.  She doesn't hide it. I could not stand her at all during season 8...  I don't think he's done for good,  I don't believe that to be true.  He seems very hurt by her.  I don't think he should have said she's dead to him under any circumstances. She's a bitch I get that but the last line I think he should've left out. 

My relationship with Daniele: A quick summary

I am always being asked about my relationship with Daniele. So here are the answers...

Some of you will talk shit saying I shouldn't air my dirty laundry in public, but at this point, I don't give a fuck. Our relationship is public and in BB13, she talked all kinds of shit about me, so fuck it. There's always two sides and I have been quiet, but here is my side.

Does it bother me to be asked about her?

No, we were on the show together, so that's what people know and want to know about. So, it's fine... doesn't bother me at all.

How is your relationship now?

Nonexistent and I like it that way. We don't talk and there is good reason for it. We don't like each other... period. She is a headache, pain in the ass and has proved time and time again that she will do nothing but her best to complicate my life. She does nothing but talk shit about me and is there only to take.

Would you ever do Big Brother with her again?

NO FUCKING WAY... Never ever ever never. 

I seriously doubt I would ever do Big Brother again period. I think the only way they could talk me into it is if they did a season where it was an EvelDick vs Dr. Will season. Otherwise, I just don't see it happening.

Yes, I am on good terms with the producers and I continue to promote the show with my recaps and interviews of the current houseguests as they are evicted, so nothing to do with that at all... 

Why don't you and Daniele talk?

I have gone way out of my way over and over to try and make things good with her, but she doesn't appreciate anything I do or have done and I am over it.

I truly do not care anymore. She is a brat and does nothing but take from me, never willing to give anything and I am sick and tired of being used by her.

Now my rant... 

The last and final kicker for me was when she got married. I was and am fine with not getting invited, I probly wouldn't have gone anyhow. But I found out where her and Dominic were registered for their wedding gifts from my Mom, so I went onto both sites, Macy's and Crate & Barrel and bought everything on each site for them (except 2 mixers for $500 each, fuck that) just wanting to show a good will gesture and to wish them a happy life together. It totaled somewhere between $3,500-$4,000, everyone told me I was stupid for doing it, but I said fuck it and did it anyhow. 

I didn't even get a thank you card from them, not even a fucking thank you card. 

You know if she really had any integrity what so ever and really didn't want anything to do with me or from me, she should have not accepted the gifts from me, but in pure Daniele style of course, she took them and sent me a big fuck you by not even sending me a simple thank you card. Is that really that much to expect, a fucking thank you card? Well, from her it is....

Here are a few other examples of how she has been since the show to me. 

After the show I bought her a car (which she also made a MAJOR pain in the ass) telling me, not asking but telling me to send her a blank check so she could go buy it. I finally put a stop to it by telling her if she didn't stop bugging me, I wasn't gonna buy her jack shit. I told her when we both had time that we would go out and buy it together... is that too much to ask? It was for her. She started bugging the week after the show and I was busy, told her to wait and we would get it. She bugged me every god damn day for a month saying she couldn't drive her (3 year old car) anymore she needed a new one. 

About 6 or 7 months later she got in an accident and came around feeling me out to see if I would pay to fix it. I asked her if she insured it, she told me that she only got liability since the car was paid for she didn't have to get collision on it. I told her, it's a brand new car and you didn't get collision? That that was a really stupid thing to do. She got all annoyed with me for telling her that, of course... I told her "Well, I bought it but sure as hell am not fixing it, that's on you, you should have paid for collision on a brand new car."

She didn't call me back for months after that. I literally called and left her over 40 messages asking her to call me back, nothing.... 

Fox Reality Network approached me to do a Big Brother recap on one of their shows. I said I would only do it if Dani could do it with me, since she blew through the $50,000 she won in like a month after the show, I knew she could use the money. After execs at the network finally approved the money to pay both of us to do the show, it was almost $1,000 a week each, for an 8 minute segment because it was a union gig... So, it would have been about 12 grand total each. They finally approved it after going back and forth with them for a couple months, they didn't want her, they wanted me to do it and them paying $2,000 for an 8 minute segment instead of $1,000 (for just me) wasn't in their budget.

and... she doesn't even show up to do it, making me look like a complete asshole after putting them through all that shit to approve paying her too. 

College money. I offered to pay for college for her.... 
Her Step-Grandfather was in the military, so she qualified under some kind of GI bill that they would pay her tuition, so I said I would pay for her books and anything else. She threw a fit, because she wasn't talking to her Step-Grandfather and just wanted me to pay for everything even though she could have had a big chunk of it paid for. I said fuck that, I am not paying for something that doesn't need to be paid for, fill out the paperwork and I will pay for the rest, she wouldn't do it, she insisted I pay for everything. I said no.... and she stopped talking to me again....

See the pattern... 

She doesn't talk to her Step-Grandfather who was there for her for 20 years.
She has stopped talking with her brother for years. 
She doesn't talk to her mother. She stops talking with her step brothers and sisters because she doesn't talk to her mother or stepfather. I told her it wasn't cool of her to stop talking with her step brothers and sisters, because they look up to her and they didn't do anything, she doesn't care.

She doesn't have any, not one single friend that she talks with from a school she went to from kindergarten through graduating high school... Yes, thirteen years at one school and she doesn't talk with one person, or they don't talk with her, more than likely the latter. Doesn't everyone have at least a few friends from H.S. that they are in touch with? At least casually... I do. She doesn't. They all don't like her.

Her BFF who she always talked about in the house during BB8... yeah, she stopped talking with her a couple months after the show too, imagine that...

She treated my X wife who I was together with for 12 years and married to for 10 years, like shit. My X tried and tried with her, but all Daniele did was treat and talk to her like shit the entire time we were together. My X didn't even like being around her she was so shitty to her, but she would anyhow, always trying, always being shit on by her. It got to the point that my X would go do something with her friends when the kids would come over and Daniele was the reason why.

That is who Daniele is...

All Daniele cares about is Daniele. She is selfish and self-centered. She will talk shit to you in a joking way, but she really isn't joking and when people catch on, they are done with her. 

She is a pain in the ass that has no concept of how to deal with any type of relationship what so ever. It's sad really...

When I left BB13, I got to see her huddled up in a bedroom with Dominic talking all kinds of shit about me, after we both agreed that we wouldn't talk about anything personal about each other while in the house. She completely discounted the car I bought her altogether. I took her to Europe, she tells him, oh.. he got the tickets for free. Fuck you, that trip cost me over 20K, she didn't even bring money for fucking tampons. Everything and anything I have ever done for her, she discounts as nothing, like she is owed something, everything. I have never in my life met someone as unappreciative as she is. 

The last time we were on good terms, I took her to Seattle. We got snowed in and our flight was cancelled. We were so lucky to get a room that night, everywhere was sold out... But Daniele couldn't be happy, she was on the phone for hours trying to find a rental car so we could drive back to LA in a fucking snow storm. She found one at like $500 a fucking day, but that's ok, I was paying... I was like can't you be happy, we have a room, a nice room and we can wait it out, no.. she can't. 

She was fighting with her boyfriend of the moment on text messages for days and I asked her if it was that important for her to fight with him in person that she couldn't wait a couple of days to fly home, no.. she had to go. Throwing a big fit so she would get her way.

She made me so fucking miserable during that drive home I pulled over at one point in Oregon, during a blizzard and told her to get out of the car, I just couldn't take her for another second. I wanted to kill her, she never stopped bitching and complaining about every god damn thing. We didn't talk for the rest of the trip back down. I even got her a separate room that night in a hotel so I wouldn't have to look at her. 

It was so bad that instead of driving to LA, I bought plane tickets from San Francisco to LA that were over $700 each, just to be done with her and her sour puss. 

During the drive part... she got really upset with me when I told her this, and I will never forget it, because it rang so true, which is why she got so upset... I said, "There is a reason I have friends for over 30 years, and there is a reason you don't have any friends for longer than 3 months, think about it" .... She said that was a really mean thing to say, I said mean or not, it was the truth.

It's not always everyone else, sometimes that's a clue that YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

I am so sick of swallowing all the shit she shovels my way and I am done. I have put up with her bullshit since she was 11 years old, when all this shit with her started. I have tried and tried, but honestly.. SHE IS JUST NOT WORTH IT.

She has been a snotty little brat since she was 11. She treated my father like dog shit when he had severe Alzheimer's, before he was put into a home. One time he was trying to talk with her and she huffed told him to shut up and slammed the door in his face, missing his face by less than an inch. I lost my shit and kicked her door off the hinges. How could you do that to someone you are supposed to love and show patience with in their condition? 

I would always tell her she would regret how she treated him when he was gone. Does she? No, because she lies to herself about how she treated him. In her mind she was a sweet girl, because the truth hurts, and the truth is... she was awful to him. She made him so miserable that he wouldn't even take her and my son together because she alone was too much for him to handle, even before he got bad. He would complain to me about how she would talk to him and treat him in public and how embarrassed she would make him feel.

When she lived with my mother she spoke to her like shit so much that my mother really just gave up and would let her do whatever, in order to avoid having to deal with her. She was a horrible teenager... and not much has changed in her adulthood. 

During her senior year, she came to me and asked me if I would help her throw an after prom party. I said sure, I had plenty of connections since I ran clubs and could work out a good deal with a club and bands etc..  But I told her that she would need to sell the tickets because it would be expensive to do what she wanted to do. 

I didn't have a lot of money (I had just gone through a divorce and had to pay a shit load of cash to my X to buy her out of the house, pay off the credit cards and a bunch of other bullshit, I was heavy in debt after all that) especially extra money like that to put on some big ass party, but I would flip the bill and was hoping to just break even, giving her the party she wanted to have for her big senior shin dig thing, no problem... And she promised it wouldn't be a problem selling the 100 or so tickets to break even.

Well, the night came and I had paid for a venue, it was a Saturday night, so it wasn't cheap, included parking so the kids wouldn't have to pay separate for that either. Got the band that she HAD to have play. Rented a PA, stage etc... Had non alcoholic refreshments and a food buffet set up for them. 

Less than 10 kids showed up. And she came to me crying...
I said no problem, just to have fun with her friends that came and even gave those kids their money back so they wouldn't leave because no one was there, I didn't want the few there to leave. I ate the 7 or 8 grand.

I don't remember what I gave her for graduation, but it was something small. And I told her it was because I had spent all that money on the party... She stopped talking to me, until Big Brother...

She is an unappreciative, snotty little shit talking pain in the ass and is not worth my time.

She doesn't like her fans and hates most of them. She avoids them at all costs, going out of her way to avoid them. If she is at an event and there is a VIP area, she will never come out of it. She will smile and take a picture if she can't avoid it, but will turn around and talk shit about them right afterwards. She doesn't appreciate her fans or even like them. 

It kills her that you guys always ask her about me. This is the thing that bothers her the most, being under my shadow and she showed that in BB13, by trying to get out from under my shadow so desperately that she would rather blow up her own game than lay back and let things play out around her till it was time for her to make a move. Stupid... but whatever.

I wish her and Dominic all the luck in the world, they will need it... he will need it. She will wear the pants and he will have to eat her shit for as long as he can take it. She will make him one miserable son of a bitch, because that's what she does to everyone in her life. That's why she has no close friends. When he makes her mad is she gonna stop talking to him too... 

I bet she does...

It will be just a matter of time. I hope I am wrong, but with her track record, I bet I'm right. He better be ready to eat a lifetime of the shit she dishes him, cause it will be nonfuckingstop. 

And, if she has kids, she will use them to try and fuck with me by not letting me see them. Because, that's how she is... 
So, I am just not gonna let it happen before it does.

And if there is such a thing as karma, well Daniele... your kids are going to make your life a living hell and you will deserve every ounce of it.

Sorry if this bothers you, the people reading this, but after 15 year of this shit and 6 god damn years of listening to her talk shit about me, I have had enough & wanted to finally get some of this shit off my chest. 

Thanks for reading. There are no comments allowed on this blog because I don't really care what anyone has to say about this. 

And trust me when I tell you, I was very nice about everything. There are a lot more things I could have brought up, but didn't. There are a lot meaner ways I could have told these stories, but didn't. I told them like they were, like it is... like she is, period.

Some will say that doing things like this is no way to repair the relationship. I DON'T CARE ABOUT HER ANYMORE. I am done with her for good. She is not worth my time and energy. I have wasted so much of my life trying to work things out with her. But she doesn't give a fuck and just uses me, I am done being used by her. I am done with her period. 

To me, she is dead....
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PostSubject: Re: Evel Dick on his relationship with Daniele   Evel Dick on his relationship with Daniele EmptyThu Jun 20, 2013 11:26 am

I am FAR from a Dani fan, but this was extremely fucked up on Dick's part. I think it speaks volumes about him as a father that neither of his children will have anything to do with him. I believe most of what's said in the blog, but to me it seems that he can't understand why his daughter won't respond to him buying her love when he was never truly a "father" figure in her life. Anyone who would try to publicly humiliate their daughter in this way is just scum in my eyes. As much as I'd like to hear her side of these stories, I hope that she doesn't even give him the satisfaction of acknowledging his existence.
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Evel Dick on his relationship with Daniele
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