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Big Brother 16
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 Survivor Gabon Episode 03

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PostSubject: Survivor Gabon Episode 03   Survivor Gabon Episode 03 EmptyThu Oct 09, 2008 11:36 pm

I am SOO pissed off that Jacquie got voted out! She worked her butt off in that challenge! "GC" stands for Gross Contestant, I'm 99% sure! This is third horrible boot in a row. :( This season has potential to be the best ever, but we need to get rid of the the Three Nasties (GC, Ken, & Crystal).
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor Gabon Episode 03   Survivor Gabon Episode 03 EmptyFri Oct 10, 2008 10:45 am

Colton wrote:
I am SOO pissed off that Jacquie got voted out! She worked her butt off in that challenge! "GC" stands for Gross Contestant, I'm 99% sure! This is third horrible boot in a row. :( This season has potential to be the best ever, but we need to get rid of the the Three Nasties (GC, Ken, & Crystal).

lol @ the 3 Nasties laughing

what a turn of events - Survivor should take BB's saying "expect the unexpected"

ok so let's get this straight

the new teams are

Fang - (red):
Jacquie - voted off
Jessica (Sugar)

Kota - (yellow):
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor Gabon Episode 03   Survivor Gabon Episode 03 EmptyFri Oct 10, 2008 10:52 am

Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Gabon' (episode 4)
Oct 10, 2008, 08:54 AM | by Jeff Probst

Categories: 'Survivor', Reality TV, Television, Things That Are Awesome!

Ah...unscripted reality. You just canít write this stuff. I think the idea of having them rank themselves in order of importance was one of more inspired ďswitchĒ ideas of late. You can thank Dan Munday for that one. Been with our show since season two and heís brilliant. They simply didnít see the switch coming and as you know that pleases me to no end when we pull one over on them.

Dumbest move: What blew me away was the fact that Bob was picked so late in the process. Somebody is gonna pay for that one. Trust me, had you been standing in my shoes you would have been just as shocked. Bob is a worker and a competitor. To leave him up there that long tells me these guys are vulnerable for a smart player to wreak havoc on this game. That was a mistake. Theyíre under estimating him and that means theyíre not paying attention.

Best move: Kenny choosing Kelly. Kenny is playing to WIN. Heís taking chances. Kelly seemed like a ridiculous choice and Kenny played it as such saying he chose her because ďsheís hot.Ē Lie. He chose her because he sensed a lost puppy in need of a home and he believed he could use her vote to further his own game. Video gamers all over the world must be loving skinny little Kenny with the creepy long fingernails. Another one to watch out for down the stretch.

Favorite move: Ace ended up on one of the worst tribes ever Ė Fang. Itís perfect. I canít wait to hear him wax on about all the problems on this tribe.

Corrine is growing on me. Just sayin.

Ah, Matty swearing on his girlfriend. Will this come back to bite him in the butt? Not sure Iíd trust Ace. Check that, Iím sure I wouldnít trust Ace. I donít think Ace trusts Ace. Matty is vulnerable. He plays this game too honestly to have much of a shot at winning.

The immunity challenge: Iím so done with Fang right now. It had to suck major big time to have Randy dominate them the way he did. Ace got used, but in his defense, Ace had absolutely no help from anybody. I donít think Crystal ever moved from her corner. Itís amazing to watch. No matter who goes over to the Fang tribe, they suddenly suck.

When it came time for tribal council, Jacquie was simply a victim of bad luck. She had all her eggs in one basket with Marcus and thanks to Dan Munday, her game was shot. Again, just being candid, as nice as Jacquie is (and she is extremely pleasant) she didnít bring as much to the show from a character point of viewÖ.Why is it the attractive blonde women on our show are often the least interesting in reality? Jacquie was all about winning and she would have had a very good shot had she lasted a bit longer but we also need to entertain the audience and that wasnít Jacquieís strong suit. So, if you have to lose someone, I guess Jacquie isnít a bad person to lose. Just being honest, better her than Randy or Ace. Add Jacquie to the list of people who will not want to talk to me at the live show.

Okay. Thatís all I have. For all you critics just remember, you donít pay anything for these blogs. Iím not a magazine writer. Iím just a simple little reality host trying to make his way in the world. Dalton asked me to write these blogs, ďwithout thinking.Ē Those were his exact words. He wanted an unedited account of what I remember about the episode. So, thatís what youíre getting. Iím not going back and rewriting or even checking the spelling. This is a blog and this one is finished. See ya next week!

Deleted scene from Survivor

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor Gabon Episode 03   Survivor Gabon Episode 03 EmptySun Oct 12, 2008 11:10 am

Survivor: Gabon's Jacquie Berg Q&A
Oct 10, 2008 07:32 PM ET by Rhoda Charles

Jacquie Berg, Survivor: Gabon

Survivors have to stay alert to win, especially when they get curveballs such as switching tribes on Day 10. While switches aren't new to the game, the one this season came early. The swap caught some players off-guard, and led to an early exit for 25-year-old Jacquie Berg, who had been sitting pretty as a member of Kotaís Onion Alliance. Berg told TV she knew her days were numbered when she found herself in the poorly performing Fang tribe, but did what she could to hang on. Were you surprised by the early tribe mix-up?
Jacquie Berg: Yes, completely surprised. I thought I had the whole game figured out in my head until the very end, and I honestly didnít see that coming at all. It totally sucked. How about your ranking in the first challenge?
Jacquie: No, I figured I was going to be up there, but I was so mad that I was ranked as the top girl because I knew that was going to be a problem for me. When I saw the voting pattern and when I did the math in my head I knew I was going to get picked over at Fang. When you ended up on the Fang tribe what did you do to fend off being kicked out?
Jacquie: A million things. I tried to strategize with Ace. We knew if we ever lost the challenge that Sugar was going to come. We even contemplated throwing the challenge just to get Sugar because we had an alliance. Matty was on our side as well because he didnít have a real tight alliance with Crystal, Kenny or G.C. Also, I went to Kelly as another option and tried to convince her to stick with me and Ace and probably Matty and vote out Kenny, because he was the weakest link. All strategizing talk went right over Kellyís head. She had it in her head that she was going to get me and Ace out and that was it. You said you were contemplating throwing the challenge. When I watched the show I wondered if Ace was actually doing just that.
Jacquie: Up until right when the game started, Ace and I were going to throw it because we needed Sugar. Then we both got really nervous because if we did lose it would be us on the chopping block. So, we actually tried our butts off, but it didnít help because everyone sucked. So what is it with Fang? Why canít this tribe get its act together?
Jacquie: Going over [to Fang] was complete culture shock. It was like the whole aura over there it was deceitful; nobody trusted anybody. As soon as we went over there everyone was talking behind each otherís back. No one liked each other and there was complaining the whole time. And there was none of that over at Kota?
Jacquie: No. Barely any complaining, except from Kelly, so she fit right on in [at Fang]. They all stayed in their hut, they didnít do anything and [it seemed as if] there was this expectancy of losing every challenge before it happened. Aside from the million-dollar prize what did you hope to get from Survivor?
Jacquie: I couldnít contemplate not winning, but also the experience of knowing that I can live in the jungle of Africa. I donít think everyone gets that opportunity. What was it like being in the jungle of Africa? Did you have any contact with any wildlife?
Jacquie: Yeah, there was a lot of wildlife out there, but the biggest thing for me was that it was a complete detox from society. No technology. I wasnít sitting at a desk all day. The normal routine of life was thrown out the window and it was like going down to basic human instinct ó eating with your hands, not caring if thereís dirt in your food ó and just living off the bare land. It was very refreshing. Now that you're back in reality, whatís it been like for you since the show started airing?
Jacquie: Iíve been working non-stop. I wrote a book about climbing the corporate ladder for college graduates and I started a charity for underprivileged children that helps them find mentors in life. I thought that that was a big thing on Survivor. I kept reflecting on how lucky I was to have mentors that keep me so positive. Has you stint on Survivor satisfied your reality show bug or will you try out for something else?
Jacquie: As far as reality TV goes, I did Survivor just for the challenge. I actually am kind of camera-shy, but what it did spark was that I want to go camping and do more adventures around the world. I want to live that experience again.
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor Gabon Episode 03   Survivor Gabon Episode 03 EmptySun Oct 12, 2008 11:12 am

ďI Had the Whole Game Figured OutĒ Ė RealityNewsOnlineís Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabonís Jacquie
by David Bloomberg -- 10/10/2008

Jacquie felt like she was in a great position within her tribe. But then it all went haywire. Does she think the tribal switch-up was fair? What does she really think of Kelly? What surprised her the most about the original Fang members on her tribe, especially Ken? And did she realize she was going to be voted off? Jacquie answers all of these questions and many more, right here!

In Jacquieís final words, she indicated that if she had made it past just one more vote, sheíd have been set for the rest of the game. In this interview, she explains what she meant by that and tells us a lot about her position in the game Ė including many things we didnít necessarily see. Of course, I also asked her what she thinks of Kelly Ė you wonít be too surprised there. But Jacquie was surprised at some of the things she saw on TV. Read on to find out more!

RealityNewsOnline: Hello, Jacquie, and thanks for taking the time to talk to RealityNewsOnline! What was your strategy coming into the game?

Jacquie: My strategy was to really lay back and try to be more shy than domineering. Usually Iím a leader in situations like that. I just wanted to mesh with the Kota tribe. I was holding back, trying to make really trustworthy alliances and make alliances with multiple groups of people.

RNO: Were you able to?

Jacquie: Oh yeah. I had the alliance with Corinne, Charlie, and Marcus Ė we wanted to go to the end together. I also had an alliance with Ace and Sugar.

RNO: So you were lying to the original Fang members?

Jacquie: Yeah (laughs). I was. I knew I wanted to go with the onion alliance the whole way through. But I did not see a tribal switch coming.

RNO: So Ace and Sugar were your backup alliance?

Jacquie: Yes, they were the backup. But I found out Sugar had the immunity idol, so it was a very good backup.

RNO: What did you think of your original Kota tribemates?

Jacquie: I love them. We had a blast over there. We worked really, really well together. It was difficult but it felt like a vacation for me. We were playing games and having joke night and having a blast.

RNO: When you were talking with Ken and Kelly, and you told Ken that all of original Kota was super-close, what did you think about Kellyís comments disputing that and her statements indicating she felt excluded?

Jacquie: She totally alienated herself. Over at Kota, we had a riot. She was this person that stayed in the hut the whole time. We would go swimming or on hikes, trying to include everyone. I was shocked she mentioned that but it was pretty smart on her part because it proved she was on the outs.

RNO: Do you think the tribal switch-up was fair?

Jacquie: No, not at all. It totally ruined my game plan. I had the whole game figured out. It really put everybody that had an advantage at the bottom. One tribe was obviously going to have majority former Kota and the other former majority Fang. Whoever was not in the majority was obviously screwed if they lost.

RNO: Now that youíve seen the episode, what do you think of the reasons the others had for voting you out?

Jacquie: It was pretty smart. I did have a stronger alliance with Ace and Sugar, and Kelly didnít have anybody. She was next to go at Kota and they knew she didnít have an alliance. And also being voted the top girl, it seemed obvious to them that I was close with former Kota members.

RNO: We saw that you tried hard, but in hindsight, do you think you could have done anything differently to change the outcome of the vote?

Jacquie: Yeah. They all promised me they were going to vote out Kelly, so I seriously felt really safe Ė I said [during Tribal Council] I was nervous but I felt safe. Kenny and Matty promised almost their life they werenít going to vote me out. In hindsight, I could have tried to vote out Ace or tried to get Kelly on my side. I did try, but what didnít work for me is she didnít play very strategically. Her, me, Ace, and Matty tried to bond and it didnít work, it went right over her head. She had it in her head that she was going to get me and Ace out, even though I thought that was poor strategy on her part.

RNO: We heard what Kelly thought of you Ė what do you think of Kelly?

Jacquie: On the show, I didnít think much of her. She was really rude to everybody. Again, everything we told her went right over her head. She was pretty clueless about the game. She didnít even want to be out there. She didnít help in the challenges or in camp. If we would have had one more day at Fang, her true colors would have shown more and they never would have kept her. She would have kept digging a hole.

Also, I felt she was definitely projecting when she was talking about me behind my back. She is an absolute idiot.

RNO: I think we got a hint of your description of her in the preview for next week, when she suggests a monkey might have eaten GC.

Jacquie: Yes (laughs), thatís Kelly.

RNO: In your final words, you indicated that it was smart of them to get rid of you at this point because if you had made it past this vote, you could have gone all the way. If they had kept you around, what would your plans have been going forward to take you to the end?

Jacquie: Me, Ace, Sugar, and Matty were going to bond together. If we didnít have Matty, we could have switched it up with the idol. And plucked he former Fang members off. Then we would have gone right back with Marcus, Corinne, and Charlie. They were giving me signs the whole time during the challenge and I knew our alliance was still strong.

RNO: What was the most eye-opening thing you saw on TV that you didnít know about while you were there?

Jacquie: I guess honestly, how smart Kenny was. For him picking Kelly because she was the lowest person on the totem pole Ė I thought he picked her because she was hot. Also, they were pretty smart in knowing I wasnít genuine. I was shocked at how strategic particularly Kenny was.

RNO: What did you do on the show that we didnít get to see on TV?

Jacquie: I helped a lot. I was constantly working, I never sat down. Thatís my personality, I never sit down. I was like the only girl that was fishing on either tribe. I was constantly boiling water. And having a really good time with everybody. I actually got along with everybody. I had a really good time.

I was also searching for wildlife. It was such an awesome opportunity, I wanted to see something. So Iíd go on hikes looking for elephants and gorillas.

RNO: You werenít worried about being eaten by a monkey?

Jacquie: I wasnít scared.

RNO: What was the problem in the immunity challenge Ė it was difficult to tell if your tribemates couldnít figure it out or just werenít trying?

Jacquie: They were just horrible athletes. Kenny and Crystal couldnít move. They actually moved out of the goal area, which left it wide open. GC was no help. Kelly was absolutely no help. It was only me, Matty, and Ace doing anything. I thought Crystal was actually crying in her boat, like really scared being out in the open water. We actually placed Crystal in the goal and told her all you need to do is stay here, and she couldnít even do that.

RNO: Were you surprised to find out that she was an Olympic gold medallist?

Jacquie: Completely shocked, I thought she was the worst athlete I ever saw. Thatís my event, I ran track in college and high school. I would have been really in awe of her, but not so much anymore.

RNO: Do you have anything else youíd like to tell us about your time on Survivor?

Jacquie: It was an incredible opportunity and Iím so thankful I got on it. Iíve never been more disappointed than when I was voted out. Iím a very competitive person. Iím never happy unless Iím #1. It was a total blindside for me. I honestly did not think I was going home.

RNO: Thanks, Jacquie!
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Survivor Gabon Episode 03
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