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Big Brother 16
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 Janelle responds to a poster

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PostSubject: Janelle responds to a poster   Janelle responds to a poster EmptyMon Sep 22, 2008 9:34 am

Quote :
I looked up the "Mona Vie" product and saw this page:

Seems their "convention" conflicted with the BB schedule. Most MLM uplines will shun you if you don't go to the annual lovefest. This one is called "BELIEVE." *rolls eyes*

I would think Janelle had more potential for money at her old job at the Mansion than she'll have with an MLM. And this *is* an MLM where all the money and glory is in recruiting. You get your commission on wholesale orders of your downline, NOT their sales. They could sell squat but they'll order $1K worth of wholesale product just to get a dinky little prize, and their upline will get a bonus from the company based on THAT ORDER, not on the SALES. I'm surprised Janelle didn't research this first, but then her mother is in Mary Kay, so she's probably been trained that truth = negativity.

Anyway, my opinion of MLM's aside, I have to agree with others here who think that moving on is better than hanging on to the last vestiges of BB "celebrity" a la James R and Evel Dick.

Quote :
No that isn't why I wasn't at the finale. First off I wasn't at the Monavie convention. Although I do use Monavie daily and do distribute the product to my family and friends, I am not involved in the company enough to go to Salt Lake City Utah for the convention. Please do not make fun of something you certainly don't know anything about. My friends Steve Burton and Michael Saceado who are on General Hospital are doing very well with the company and are making over 200k+ a year from Monavie. I wasn't at the finale because I live in New York City and am very busy with work. ( umm not Monavie so please hold your insults) I am also very sick of Big Brother and frankly I am sick and tired of dealing with some of the.... let's just say "***** fans" I can't stand the negativity of these fans. The nice fans on the other hand are very pleasant to deal with and converse with. I am sure both of these two groups of fans know who they are. Too bad some bad apple have to ruin it for the rest of you. Congrats to Dan for winning the 500k. I throughly enjoyed watching him play. Later,
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Janelle responds to a poster
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