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Big Brother 16
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Flashback - 8/7 Kathy/Rachel fight  Bb12_l11To view the most recent topics & join in on discussions click on PORTALFlashback - 8/7 Kathy/Rachel fight  Bb12_l13
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 Flashback - 8/7 Kathy/Rachel fight

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Flashback - 8/7 Kathy/Rachel fight  Empty
PostSubject: Flashback - 8/7 Kathy/Rachel fight    Flashback - 8/7 Kathy/Rachel fight  EmptySun Aug 08, 2010 9:54 am

08/07/10 - 3:10p - Camera 3

Rachel wants Kathy to apologize for being happy she didn't lose to Rachel during the PoV ceremony, even after Rachel admits she picked Kathy because she thought she could beat her. Kathy actually stands up for herself and does something for perhaps the first time so far. Rachel is so incredibly immature it's almost unbelievable and of course Brendon can't stay completely out of it.

Lane even gets into it a little bit with Brendon (and of course Rachel because they are never separate) about how they wanted to paint him as a useless competitor and that they personally attack others but demand apologies for petty nothingness.
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Flashback - 8/7 Kathy/Rachel fight  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Flashback - 8/7 Kathy/Rachel fight    Flashback - 8/7 Kathy/Rachel fight  EmptySun Aug 08, 2010 5:13 pm

It's just obvious that Rachel wanted to do nothing more than to fight. Ridiculous to go on and on about wanting an apology for stupid shit, it's not like Kathy was going to give it to her when she demands it

Whatever happened to the bubbly Rachel that she claimed to be? so fake.
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Flashback - 8/7 Kathy/Rachel fight
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