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Big Brother 16
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 BB8 Nick ranks the BB11 HGs

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PostSubject: BB8 Nick ranks the BB11 HGs   BB8 Nick ranks the BB11 HGs EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 4:35 pm

Big Brother Season 11: Nick Starcevic Ranks The House Guests - Week 1
BB8 Nick ranks the BB11 HGs RealityWanted

By: Nick Starcevic Of Big Brother 8 - Follow Nick on Twitter:

Big Brother is upon us again and each week I’ll be bringing you my Big Brother 11 power rankings. This season has brought another house full of eclectic personalities, starting with an old favorite, Jessie “Deltoids” Godderz. I may be reaching on the “favorite” part but watchers of the show either love him or love to hate him. I, personally, have met him and he was very cordial in person but I also have seen him on the show and understand how easy it is to mock him. For my rankings, I don’t just rely on watching the show on CBS. I’ve become enthralled with watching the houseguests on the live internet feeds to see their real personalities and not just how they are edited. With that being said, let’s get to the week 1 rankings.

Week 1 Rankings:

13th Braden
Braden is the resident Spicoli of the Big Brother house this year. I actually have taken a liking to him but I have him pegged as getting the ol’ backdoor this week. He had the prospects of being a feature personality on this years show but it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing him after this week unless he’s brought back later in the show with some sort of twist. I think he’ll be ok leaving the house because all he’ll need are “some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and he’ll be fine.”

12th Lydia
“Tats McGee” was my pre-show favorite but now that I’ve gotten to see her for an extended period of time, that has diminished. She has thrown a lot of people “under the bus” already to save herself this week. It did in fact work and she is off the block but she was pretty cut-throat in the process and burned a lot of bridges, so if someone gets HOH this next week, who doesn’t like her, she could be the next one out.

11th Jessie
Where do I start? How about: television GOLD!! I met Jessie at the wrap party last year and we actually got along really well but he makes it hard to continue to come up with nice things to say about him when he acts like a silver back gorilla missing a chromosome. Maybe he’s just power tripping with the whole Head of Household thing but he really has to redeem himself so I can start backing him once again. I think he’s going to be a target fairly early for many reasons but at least we’ll get to see some classic television with him on it.

10th Jeff
Another one of my pre-show favorites but after watching him on some of the feeds, I just don’t think he’s going to last that long in the house. He’s been in some confrontations with his own clique, the athletes. He’s also spending a lot of time with Jordan and based on experience, that doesn’t work well. He’s the guy I’d get along best with inside the house but they have too many alpha male personalities in the house this year and I think he’ll be going out early.

9th Ronnie
Ronnie and I will be playing World of Warcraft together after the show is done. If you want to raid Horde towns with us, just holler. Ronnie’s gaming is going to be a downfall for him. I wanted to like him so much before the show started but living in his basement logging hours on the computer has made him socially awkward and inept. He’s already unleashing a lot of secrets that were confided in him and he is probably going to annoy a lot of the other people in the house, fairly quickly.

8th Chima
I believe Chima will make it through this week 1 eviction and then last a couple more weeks, if she can keep her meltdowns to a minimum. She seems nice enough and the last couple years, the houseguest who escaped eviction the first week, made it fairly far in the game. This is around the place where I see her going out in the game after week 1.

7th Natalie
Everyone eventually lies in Big Brother but Natalie really concocted a bunch of them, early. I enjoyed how she told everyone that she wasn’t athletic and then the cliques came out and she was in the “athletes” clique. As far as her lie about her age, I’m not sure why she would tell people she was 18 years old when she is not. I don’t see how it would benefit her but none-the-less, she did it and now she’s gotta roll with it. I would usually say a player like her would be out earlier but with the clique she’s in, I think the guys will be targeted first.

6th Russell
Russell is another one of the alpha males, which is helping to implode his own team. I think that he’s going to be the last of the athlete’s clique to stick around. He said he had hated Jessie but then, they became best friends forever, like Zach Morris and A.C. Slater. I actually think that was a smart move, whether it was his intention, or just because he needed a grappling partner who was closer to his size. I think partnering with Jessie will take the focus off of himself. Either way, 6th is Russell’s week 1 power ranking.

5th Kevin
When I first heard about Kevin, I heard that he would make Joe, from season 8, look straight and stoic. So, I was perplexed when I watched him for the first week on some live internet feeds and he was so calm. I actually think that being reserved is a good move for him because there are so many big personalities fighting amongst themselves right now. If the shenanigans continue, I can see Kevin making it to the final 5.

4th Jordan
Jordan doesn’t have a lot of frills in her home life and doesn’t really know the game well and it shows but I think this is a good year for her type of persona to be in the house. I think she’ll be able to make it to the final four because of how nice she is and by the fact that she seems like one of the most trust worthy people in the house so she’s bound to be in some faction toward the end.

3rd Laura
This is a pick where I am going out on a limb. Usually, I’d say she’d be out right away but she’s been able to shut up and really take in a lot of stuff from the other players. She is knowledgeable about the game and after the perception wore off that not all the guys were going to be falling all over themselves for her, she brought her conceitedness down a tad. I have a feeling she’s going to kind of float to where the power is in the house every week.

2nd Casey
This guy kind of reminds me of Boogie with the get-ups he wears. Out of all the guys, I see him as being the most level-headed so far, but it is only week one and a lot of the “younger” guys have taken attention off of him by going after each other. I can honestly see him skating by, a la Sheila from Season 9, for a good amount of time and getting to the final two.

1st Michelle
So far, Michelle comes off as the nicest person in the world and my favorite, so maybe I’m a little biased picking her to win it. She’s a smart lass, honest (so far) and isn’t ruffling any feathers so maybe everything could come to fruition for her and my favorite of the season could win.

Nick is hardly an expert to be speaking out on other peoples game when he sucked so bad his season!
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PostSubject: Re: BB8 Nick ranks the BB11 HGs   BB8 Nick ranks the BB11 HGs EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 4:41 pm

Nick who?? LOL

Actually I agree with him on alot of points and think he did a nice job with an early evaluation of the HGs except for this tidbit from the Jessie evaluation

Quote :

think he’s going to be a target fairly early for many reasons but at least we’ll get to see some classic television with him on it.

Uhhh classic television??? Jessie?? Big Brother??? those things don't compute...LOL
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BB8 Nick ranks the BB11 HGs
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