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Big Brother 16
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Marcellas and James Rhine Debate!!! Good Read Bb12_l11To view the most recent topics & join in on discussions click on PORTALMarcellas and James Rhine Debate!!! Good Read Bb12_l13
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 Marcellas and James Rhine Debate!!! Good Read

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Marcellas and James Rhine Debate!!! Good Read Empty
PostSubject: Marcellas and James Rhine Debate!!! Good Read   Marcellas and James Rhine Debate!!! Good Read EmptyMon Oct 20, 2008 10:57 am

I found this on Marcellus' myspace. A very good read, funny and witty. Someone commented on this and said
"if only the US Presidential debates were as interesting and witty as you two are" Amen! I agree with Marcellas, they both make some amazing points.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Current mood: argumentative
Category: News and Politics

This is the back and forth James and I have been engaging in for weeks now. It's moved from text messaging to Facebook. I think there are some amazing points in here.

I don't care who you vote for if you do the research and make an informed decision. Actually I do. Vote O!

James Rhine wrote

at 6:19pm yesterday
Cool... We're done.

Marcellas Reynolds wrote
at 6:32pm yesterday
Are you breaking up with me because I'm cheating on you with Brian or because I'm voting for Obama? :)

James Rhine wrote
at 8:16pm yesterday
I'm over the Brian thing, he's with a girlfriend of mine right now while you're home ordering Cold Stone... Remember, I'm not a Socialist I respect people for different view points, I don't try to silence them...

James Rhine wrote
at 9:52pm yesterday

Marcellas Reynolds wrote
at 9:57pm yesterday
My Dearest James-

Alas I fear my love has waned. It isn't enough that you berate me on a regular basis with your extreme political right, left and everything but the middle views. But seeing you last night parading in front of the masses in your skimpy skivvies was just too much.

When Obama wins the presidency (and he will win) I'm having you deported to Cuba.

I will always love you-

xoxo M*

James Rhine wrote
at 10:45am
As much as deporting me to your Socialist Motherland may solve a short term problem you'll only be drawn closer to suicide everyday as you think of your life w/o me and realize it now has no meaning. About my views however, I see all sides and respect others views even if they are close minded and hateful. ;)

Marcellas Reynolds wrote
at 1:14pm
I think you meant "closed-minded" and hateful... Hm mm... Not two words I'd use to describe myself unless of course I speak of the "White Menace" i.e. Republican men who insist upon keeping their foot on the neck of everyone that isn't them and dragging us all back to the 50s. Seriously James big business, golden parachutes, the oil industry posting record profits while many can't afford to drive (or afford to keep) their cars, wars. Your party did this.

And maybe just maybe my party is a bit culpable.

Now do we look to an 80 year old underachieving, party dupe disguising himself as something different (maverick) when he's exactly the same as those who have gotten us where we are today or do we look to an innovator and a man who inspires us to dream, to believe that we can and are more?

I've done the research. I was pro-Hilary. Hell I had a dalliance with Mitt because he's kinda cute but the man that can guide us through this moment in history is Obama.

And scene...

Marcellas Reynolds wrote
at 7:21pm
Are you still drunk from celebrating running around in your knickers the other night?
This paragraph is crazy and filled with misspellings. Fix it and then you can repost it:
"Golden Parachutes? Like the ones Obama and hte other Dems gac to the CEO's of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac right before Obama put both as advisors on his Campaign? Or the Exec of Fannie Mae that Barney Frank was banging for 10 years? Those could be a few reasons why when Republicans tried to reform and regulate Fannie/Freddie the Dems said there were no problems... Of course not, they were getting rich from it. Now the taxpayers have to bail out people that shouldn't have owned homes in the first place and shady Democratic bankers... At least the Oil Industry is necessary. Giving loans to degenerate was mearly more Affirmative Action gone wrong.

Stop hating White People btw..."

And I don't hate white people. Just the ones that mask their white robes and nooses with political ambition, trickery and deceit... M*

James Rhine wrote
at 7:44pm
Why are you worried about White Robes, when your candidate organized $356,000 for the Racist Rev. Wright out of taxpayer funds this year and gave $27,000 of his own money to that church? Are only blacks allowed to be racist? Unless you agree with Obama's "spiritual adviser" and "mentor" on those issues...
As for the Klan... you need to look no further then Robert Byrd, D-WV, the only former Klan member in Congress.


Marcellas Reynolds wrote
at 8:25pm
Do not get Rev. Wright's message of Black empowerment mixed up with racism. Stay on point; the modern Klan that is the Republican party, the Bushes (W., SR, and Jeb) and anyone who sees Obama as the inferior candidate to McStain/Plain simply because of his color. BTW the oppressed have a right to hate their oppressors.

And how many times are you going to try and draw a parallel between being a member of a church and believing hook, line and sinker in it's doctrines or leaders? How bout that whack job and her belief in creationism, while waving a gun, while trying to drag women back to the 1800s?

I hate you. It's time for you to make some real money off the gays by being gay for pay and doing porn. M*

James Rhine wrote
at 9:29pm
oh yeah... You're so oppressed. I don't think people dislike Obama because he's half black. It's because he's Socialist and has nothing to show for his limited political career except rhetoric and some pretty impressive speeches; no legislation, no reform, not once fighting corruption in the vile, corrupt city of Chicago.. All he has done is write 2 books about himself. That is why people don't think he is fit to be President.

You make it about Race to scare people, just like "Black Empowerment Theology"... and yes saying that the Government created AIDS to kill black people is racist.

Marcellas Reynolds wrote
at 9:38pm
I'm about to go old-school SNL/Chevy Chase and Jane Curtin on ya ass: James you ignorant slut... Rev. Wright was using hyperbole to make a point! The government may not have created AIDS to kill my race but you can not deny that by doing nothing to stem the flow through treatment or educate those who are most in danger of getting AIDS that they ... Read Morehave turned a blind eye to what is a plague in not just Black but low-income communities. If it's socialist to care about those with less than me, then call me Karl.

And stop posting deep stuff on my wall! My page is supposed to be light and fun! You're mucking up my image! M*

James Rhine wrote
at 9:44pm
You're making the Government responsible for making people practice safe sex and staying drug free, those are personal decisions with potential consequences. Your most hated white man Bush has given more to AIDS research and funding than any President in History. More than Billy Clinton... I'll give you a little credit on the analogy, but their was pure hate in that Congregation. I think everyone of those hate mongers should be grateful they live in a Country as great as this one. It may not be perfect but no one is fighting to get in anywhere else. That's got to amount to something. Something most take for granted.

James Rhine wrote
at 9:45pm
You need a hug.

Marcellas Reynolds wrote
at 10:01pm
James you just sounded like "Fear Of A Black Planet." Talk about fear-mongering. Republicans trade in fear. "Obama's not ready. Obama's weak on defense. Obama is a Socialist. Blah blah blah." Obama is more educated than any president (probably) in the history of the United States. And please do not insult the Black population with Affirmative Action where a Harvard educated, Law Review editor is concerned.

If following W's lead 90% of the time in the past 8 years makes you prepared to be president then by all means elect McCain. But who will he turn to when he has to decide on his own?

One word: EIGHTY!

McCain is like a pageant girl that keeps running year after year after year and finally they just give her the title. You may not like Obama but you for damn sure can't believe that McCain "Mo of the Same" is good for the US. M*

James Rhine wrote
at 10:07pm
Marcellas no one is scared of black people... that's a myth you like to repeat. Not ready, weak on defense, most liberal voting record, and monsterous votes to increase taxes, explains his voting record not anything to do with his race... See past your blinders. Can we now end all forms of discrimination like Affirmative Action if Obama wins "strictly on his own merit"? Sounds good to me.

James Rhine wrote
at 10:10pm
How bout this? you explain what he has done in the Senate or in Ill Senate and I'll stop arguing. Show me someone good from his past that he has ties with? Answer why he won't open up his list of campaign donors while he continues to bring in money from Overseas? These are all legitimate questions that have nothing to do with him being half black.

Marcellas Reynolds wrote
at 10:36pm
How about this, read the New Yorker's endorsement of Obama or CNN's newest article debunking the myth of Obama's socialism. What if John McCain were a former president of Harvard Law Review? What if Obama finished 5th from the bottom of his graduating class (as did McCain)? What if McCain were still married to the first woman he said "I do" to? He's not, he cheated on his first wife who was badly injured in a car accident, then married the other woman, Cindy McCain. What if Michelle Obama were a wife who not only became addicted to pain killers, but acquired them illegally through her charitable organization (as did Cindy McCain)? What if Obama were a member of the "Keating 5" (as was McCain - if you don't know who the Keating 5 are, Google it.)? And your boy W wasn't any more prepared for the presidency than O. Can we say Reagan? But if you truly want a list of many of O's accomplishments which you continue to diminish go to my blog. A great deal of his amazing record is there. M*

So if you ever wondered what ex-Big Brother House Guests do when they get together (other than bitch about who got what gig and nail each other), it's actually talk politics. M*
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Marcellas and James Rhine Debate!!! Good Read Empty
PostSubject: Re: Marcellas and James Rhine Debate!!! Good Read   Marcellas and James Rhine Debate!!! Good Read EmptyMon Oct 20, 2008 2:46 pm

I don't know if I would call it "amazing points"

They seem to have been doing some reading up on certain issues. A funny banter between them nonetheless. eyeroll
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Marcellas and James Rhine Debate!!! Good Read
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