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 Recessionomics - Santa Claus robs yacht club

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PostSubject: Recessionomics - Santa Claus robs yacht club   Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:05 pm

As Christmas 2010 approaches, seems like that Santa's sleigh is somewhat lighter than it has been in years past. Retail sales are better than last year, but Santa is running an entirely different operation. He needs to make a change. But say it ain't so, Santa Claus. Santa could not be a robber. ”Santa Claus robs yacht club” is the cautionary tale for modern youth, reports The Providence Journal. Article resource - Recessionomics - Santa Claus robs yacht club by MoneyBlogNewz.

Bad Santa burglarizes rich yacht clubhouse

Don’t question if there is a Santa, because he proved to one yacht owner he does exist. Santa Claus isn’t moving up the ranks, forget knocking off a gas station, he is going for the top, the yacht clubhouse. Lt. Raymond Blinn of the Providence Police Department noted that on Sunday at about 7 p.m. a man dressed as Santa entered the East Providence Yacht Clubhouse on Pier Road. He intended to fill up his gift bag with cash rather than handing out toys. To make his ho-ho-holdup message clear, Kris Cringle whipped out what has been described by authorities as either a “shotgun or rifle-type gun.”

Fortunately no person was hurt at the yacht club, and Santa Claus didn’t become a total Grinch and didn’t even fire his gun.

A possibly deadly caliber of Christmas

Buckshot isn't typically associated with Saint Nick, which makes this craven display of felonious holiday cheer all the more jarring. Even if Bad Santa Claus was merely packing rock salt, the trust of true believers might have been shaken. This Bad Santa Claus did forget to change his pants, as he was wearing jeans. That's not elf-standard attire. Patrick Swayze would have picked up on the ruse immediately and dished out some “Roadhouse”-style justice. If it was indeed Santa, he could easily fly up the chimney to escape a roundhouse kick.

Local authorities continue to investigate this situation, but Santa Claus did get away with some green within the mean time.

Articles cited

The Providence Journal

Another Santa has struck before
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Recessionomics - Santa Claus robs yacht club
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