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 Amazing Race season 18-Unfinished business

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PostSubject: Re: Amazing Race season 18-Unfinished business   Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:52 pm

Well I don't think there is going to be any non-elim legs since they had 2 To Be Continued's right in the beginning of the season. I don't want any non-elim legs. Just eliminate....unless of course if the Cowboys or the Globetrotters are at the bottom and then I would like it to be a non-elim leg.
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BB Addict

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PostSubject: Re: Amazing Race season 18-Unfinished business   Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:36 pm

Erika wrote:
I am so glad that Ron and Christina are finally gone. Ron is so cluelessy irritating that it's just painful to watch.

Cowboys or Globetrotters FTW!!!

I couldn't agree more. Although I wanted the clowns to be gone. The finale is on May 8 and it's 2 hours so hopefully like you said no more non-elim unless it's the trotters or cowboys. Making shit patties for a million dollars..priceless!
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing Race season 18-Unfinished business   Wed May 04, 2011 4:46 pm

ROTF @ Our Smooches!!! She has been keeping busy! Check out her putting Kent in his place after he starts whining on FB about the trotters being bullies!! Then some random baffoon takes up for him. Enjoy!!!

First Kent posted this for all of facebook:

Kent Kaliber
Kind of interesting that now in BOTH of their Amazing Races, the Globetrotters Big Easy Lofton & Flight Time Lang have resorted to BULLYING & INTIMIDATING WOMEN TO TEARS in order to get ahead. Cases in point: their bullying of Mika Combs in Season 15, and now their bullying of Vyxsin Fiala in the current season. What are you thoughts? (damn I wish I had seen this!!!)
Monday at 5:01am Like

Tawana L. Christy Sound bitter to me!
Monday at 5:02am Like

Then, he posted the following on Smooches wall:

  • Tawana L. Christy
  • Kent Kaliber

  • I am bitter, watching two 250 pound grown men bullying a girl with pink hair into tears isn't very cool

    Monday at 5:02am LikeUnlike

      • Tawana L. Christy She wasn't being bullied, it was the heat of a road block and something was missing, had it been your gnome, I am sure you would have accused and reacted the same way. Monday at 5:03am LikeUnlike

      • Kent Kaliber actually we wouldn't have. they teased and taunted her until she was in tears. that is being a bully. that is something vyxsin and i are not. they also bullied a women in Season 15, Mika Combs, so go and check the tape Monday at 5:05am LikeUnlike

      • Tawana L. Christy I don't think you understand the meaning of bullying, because neither vyxen nor Mika was bullied by them. And if it were so bad, why didn't you defend your girl?! Monday at 5:06am LikeUnlike

      • Kent Kaliber i tried, but it was hard to get through Big Easy's constant yelling and harrasment Monday at 5:06am LikeUnlike

      • Tawana L. Christy Like, I said it was the heat of a detour and if had been vyxen gnome missing you both would have been pissed. The bottom line is she finished first and you both read the clue wrong and that got you eliminated. Don't try and put the Trotters on blast for your mistake. Monday at 5:07am LikeUnlike

      • Kent Kaliber i didn't say anything about them and our mistake. I said that they bulied a girl, which they have now done in two seasons. #fact Monday at 5:08am LikeUnlike

      • Tawana L. Christy And like I said I don't consider that bullying them. I just don't think it's fair to bash them when you know how intense that race is and if it had been anyone of you, the reaction would have been the same. Monday at 5:10am LikeUnlike

      • Kent Kaliber Vyxsin and I have never bullied another person on the race #fact Monday at 5:24am LikeUnlike

      • Tawana L. Christy Again Kent, I don't think what happened was bullying. If had been anyone of the 5 teams, they would have reacted the same way. But at the end of that show, that situation had nothing to do with you and Vyxin being eliminated. I liked you and V, but don't now start accusing because you were eliminated. It's not a good look. And furthermore, you were wrong for blaming V. We can agree to disagree. Monday at 5:27am LikeUnlike

      • Kent Kaliber well i lived it so i kind of have a better perspective Monday at 5:28am LikeUnlike

      • Tawana L. Christy You are so right and it was also edited, but I stick to my opinion about it and it was NOT bullying and that had NOTHING to do with you BOTH reading the clue WRONG and getting ELIMINATED! Monday at 5:32am LikeUnlike

    • Between Emma Newton and You

      Tawana L. Christy May 2 at 10:34am
      Just wondering why you would send me a friend request after all the crap you said to me?

      May 2 at 10:39am Report
      hmmmm let me see..... joke much, the way u acted was crazy man! you need to calm down, everyone was so mad and I just called u out cuz kent asked me to help him on that, i am his friend and that was so wrong, they where really hurt, u just dont seem to have a heart for peoples feelings..... and trust me ur not ugly on the outside infact ur super pretty but ur inside is nasty for real...... please just dont get on his page again just take him off ur friends if ur going to act like that, they are amazing ppl vyxsin hugs everyone she sees and kent has such a giving heart so please change the way ur acting

      Tawana L. Christy May 2 at 10:52am
      What do them being amazing people has to do with me speaking my opinion on the matter. All I said to Kent was he sound bitter. And when I am called a idiot for that, yes I am going to go off. And because I know I can get real nasty with words, I decided to leave that conversation and just talk to Kent with the conversation we were having.

      The bottom line is this, just because you are a fan, friend, admirer, family member or whatever does not mean you have to agree with what a person says. And I don't think it was right to call them bullies because in either case they were not. And Kent or no one else can't say they would have reacted any different.

      I know I am very pretty, thank you, but dear you don't know me to tell me I am nasty on the inside. You don't know a damn thing about me. And if Kent was so upset, he had the option to delete me. I am not changing on how I feel on the situation. And if anything as their "friend", you shouldn't agree with them because of that.

      May 2 at 10:54am Report
      well they where bullies but bullies wont be able to see that and no they where wrong, u and i both know y u are standing up for them..... we all know hun

      Tawana L. Christy May 2 at 10:56am
      So you mean to tell me if yourself was taken in a race for a million dollars you wouldn't have went off about it? Yea right Kent & V would have went off it were their gnome that was taken.

      And why is the reason I am standing up for them?

      May 2 at 10:58am Report
      hun we all know he stole hers from the bottom shelf she even said it on can so dont bs me about that, and just fyi they found out later he found his own in the end and didnt tell anyone so he was soooo in the wrong to blame ppl for what he was doing, oh i dont need to say we know

      Tawana L. Christy May 2 at 11:11am
      So Emma, that all can be true, the point that I am making is they were not bullying V because they thought she took something. And I don't think it's right to call someone such a bad thing.

      And again, I want to know why I am defending them?

      May 2 at 11:15am Report
      well everyone has there opinion on bullying for sure in this case, but whatever the case im sorry if u made u upset, kent had wrote me on how hard this was for both of them, I just cant stand to see ppl hurt him, it hurts me, please understand this, and when ppl say ur pretty u dont need to be so mean about it...... =/

      Tawana L. Christy May 2 at 11:20am
      And I shouldn't have been jumped on for my opinion. If I didn't like Kent & V. he wouldn't be on my friend list. Which I sent him way before this season started. I don't blame you for defending your friends, but at the same time just because they are your friends don't mean you have to take their side. True friends can say what they feel and keep it moving.

      How saying I know I am pretty is being mean, I said thank you. It's confidence, not being mean. Maybe you all are too damn sensitive. I am probably one of the nicest people you could ever meet, but I don't take shit from no one.

      And why won't you answer my question since you brought it up, why am I defending the Trotters?

      May 2 at 11:22am Report
      look they are my friends, yes but i would have been on there side even if i didnt know them and not everyone is like that i dont take shit from no one getto talk, yes we are happy to be nicer and softer to ppl, its how we are, and dont talk like that on someones page where ppl love and care for him on there, did u really think that wasnt gonna happen???

      Tawana L. Christy May 2 at 11:30am
      I hope you were not trying to call me ghetto. And at the end of the day, I will say what I want, when I want, where I want and whoever don't like it that is on them. Again, if Kent was so offended by me, then he could have deleted me and he wouldn't have gone back & forth with me on my page about the situation. It's funny he needed you for help. I could have easily been ignored. The only comment I made was "sound bitter". The problem isn't with me, it's with you all who agreed with him because you are his "friend" or on his page.......

      I see you won't answer my question, but I guess that is a good thing because if it's the reason I am thinking, I don't think you want to go there with me.

      Kent & Vyxin are gone by there own demise and now I am going to root for the remaining 4 teams because I like them all.

      I think you, Kent and everyone else who think what happened was bullying really need to speak with someone who has been bullied and notice the difference between being really bullied and dealing with a confrontation. All be it Flight may have been wrong, but neither of them were being bullies to V or Mika.

      Kent shouldn't have tried to put the Trotters on blast because him and V screwed themselves.

      May 2 at 11:33am Report
      look i have tried to be nice u all are so thick headed ur not worth my time i know who i stand for and so do u just stop talking to him and go talk to the ball boys

      Tawana L. Christy May 2 at 11:40am
      I will talk to whomever I feel like talking too. And if you don't like it just get over it! It's not your page, it's his and if he don't want me there, he has the option to delete me. You need to open your mind and stop kissing his ass.

      And if I weren't worth your time, you wouldn't have stuck up for your friend and sent me a friend request. You are obviously intrigued by me. But don't despair, because I won't be accepting your request and I can only bother you if you let me.

      I live in America I can say what I want. And unlike you, I don't have to call people names because they have a different opinion.

      I will end this entire conversation by saying, Kent & Vyxin screwed themselves and needed a scapegoat and because I was the only one who made a simple comment, the whole K & V crew had to act like kids and call me names, like that bothered me, NOT! Kent was doing a decent job with the conversation we were having so he didn't need you for help, because you really didn't help.

      The race continues and they are not on there. Go Trotters, Gary & Mallory, Jen & Kisha and Zev & Justin...........

      This conversation is over!

      May 2 at 11:43am Report
      like i said u ppl are so hard headed lol w/e

      Tawana L. Christy May 2 at 11:45am
      Hold on----"U ppl"...? <----lmao @ this reply!!!

      May 2 at 11:51am Report
      buh bye ;D
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"I want to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee"~Joe DiMaggio
"Don't hate the black, don't hate the white, when you get bitten, hate the bite"~Sly Stone
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BB Addict
BB Addict

Posts : 582
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Age : 47
Location : Tennessee, by way of BROOKLYN, NY

PostSubject: Re: Amazing Race season 18-Unfinished business   Wed May 04, 2011 5:03 pm

I don't think Kent or his punk ass crew knew who they were messing with. The biggest laugh I got was the chick in the email said Kent asked her to help him.
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing Race season 18-Unfinished business   Mon May 09, 2011 1:25 pm

I enjoyed this season of TAR, of course I did not get the ending that I wanted but I have to say that the sisters deserved the win. They ran a good, clean race. Of course I wanted the Globetrotters to win but 2nd will have to do. It was so close! I question that final task though. I mean setting up a trailer in a trailer park?? I really like when they have to do some kind of puzzle where they have to remember events from the entire race.
I just can't stand when a Taxi cab driver potentially costs a team the million bucks. I wonder though why the team with the idiot cab driver doesn't just bail? Take away that cab ride and Gary and Mallory are right with the other 2 teams. Would have been a ridiculously close ending.

"I want to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee"~Joe DiMaggio
"Don't hate the black, don't hate the white, when you get bitten, hate the bite"~Sly Stone
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing Race season 18-Unfinished business   

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Amazing Race season 18-Unfinished business
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