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 Brett Favre scandal

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PostSubject: Brett Favre scandal    Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:04 pm

Brett Favre Scandal, What's at Stake?

Jenn Sterger (Personal Photo)

NEW YORK (CBS) Gawker sports blog Deadspin is reporting that they have received what they consider to be audio and photographic proof that Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre sent naked pictures to Jenn Sterger, a sports reporter who was employed by the New York Jets when Favre played there.

What are the legal ramifications for Favre and the Jets?

According to CBS News legal analyst Trent Copeland, the odds of a civil lawsuit against Favre and the Jets are low.
Thus far, Sterger has been reluctant to speak about the incident, and there is no indication that she plans on suing Favre or the Jets.

If she were to bring a suit, Copeland says that in order to win it, Sterger would have to demonstrate three things: First, that the advances were unwanted, that this was a "one way street"; Second, that she complained to the Jets; Third, that the Jets organization did nothing about it.
"There's a lot to establish there," says Copeland.

When asked if Deadspin could get in legal trouble in terms of violating Sterger or Favre's privacy, Copeland said it was unlikely, as Deadspin apparently received the messages from a third party, and once the messages were passed on to a third party "there would be no expectation of privacy."
As for a libel or defamation suit from Favre:

"If it was a hoax and Deadspin knew it was a hoax, or if it was manufactured, and they published it anyway...then Deadspin could be liable," Copeland told Crimesider. "In the case of a well-known figure like Brett Favre, [punitive damages] could come to millions of dollars."
But, he adds, the truth is always a defense in a defamation case.

Ultimately, according to Copeland, the odds of Favre filing a lawsuit against Deadspin for releasing the voicemails and messages are "zero."
"The last thing he wants is a long, drawn out lawsuit to keep this in the public eye," Copeland told Crimesider.

Favre's current team, the Vikings, are set to play the Jets on Monday night. When asked about the allegations at a press conference on Tuesday, Favre responded, "I'm not getting into that."

What do you guys think about this scandal with Favre? When will these guys learn?
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BB Lover
BB Lover

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PostSubject: Re: Brett Favre scandal    Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:34 pm

He'll be fined, maybe a 1-2 game suspension. He barely wanted to come back so you know that Minnesota owner is going to be up the commissioner's ass all week. He would have won that game the other night had not all this crap been a distraction all week.

They were talking about this on my local sports station today, and they had me cracking up with a fake John Madden calling in making jokes like "4th and inches will now be 4th and Farve". They also made comparison between athletes like Farve and Tiger and Rolthesberger (sp?) who are just sloppy and nasty with women and Derek Jeter who's had half of Maxim's top list and not one woman has ever said a bad thing to say about him.
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PostSubject: Re: Brett Favre scandal    Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:56 am

Thats because Jeter is a class act...always was and always will be. Of course I am biased, but I truly believe it! This guy is the ambassador of how atheletes should conduct themselves and a role model for up and comers and how they should act.

As far as Favre goes, even though I am NOT a fan of his, I wonder why does this matter? It seems to me that there were some photos exchanged between two consenting adults. YES YES YES, I know he is married but for the love of God, I hope no one is going to try to insult my intelligence by saying that this woman didnt welcome these photos with open arms, eyes and wallet! Is he an idiot? Most likely, but does it warrent any kind of punishment of lawsuit? Doubtful.

"I want to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee"~Joe DiMaggio
"Don't hate the black, don't hate the white, when you get bitten, hate the bite"~Sly Stone
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BB Lover
BB Lover

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PostSubject: Re: Brett Favre scandal    Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:35 pm

I agree Jeter is a class act.

I am a fan of Farve, on the field, but like many of the other athletes these days, their off the field drama is too much.

She probably wants a nice little settlement to make this all go away.
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PostSubject: Re: Brett Favre scandal    Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:20 am

The Brett Favre sexting scandal and voicemail is all over the internet once again, as penis pictures and voicemails, allegedly from the famed quarterback hit Deadspin. Check out the video, along with pictures and get the details on here!
Brett Favre is one of the most well known quarterbacks in NFL history. Being a girly girl, I didn’t know much about football as a kid, but I sure knew who Brett Favre was thanks to my Packer fan brother! Now Brett is still making headlines, but it is surely not the kind of publicity one seeks.
This week alleged penis pictures and voicemails sent came out as Deadspin published them from a third party. If you are looking for the actual penis pictures, you know we cant post them here, so you will have to go here to find them. Otherwise keep reading for the details and the voicemail video.
The pictures and voicemails were allegedly sent to New York Jets “Gameday Host” Jenn Sterger. Though the messages and sexts were supposedly sent in August of 2008, they made news in August of this year and are just now becoming a big deal because the NFL is starting an investigation.
The Vikings play the Jets this week, and the sexting scandal is already overshadowing the game. Favre was asked to address the allegations last Thursday and said: “I’m not getting into that. I’ve got my hands full with the Jets.”
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PostSubject: Re: Brett Favre scandal    

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Brett Favre scandal
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