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 BB7 All Stars cast photo for sale on ebay

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PostSubject: BB7 All Stars cast photo for sale on ebay   Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:08 pm

You are bidding on a VERY RARE, ORIGINAL, signed group photo from the entire cast of CBS Big Brother 7 All Stars.

This photo was given to me personally by one of the cast members.
(I'll tell the story of how and who I got this from ONLY to the winning bidder)

You are not a true BB Fan if you don't own this!!!

Each cast member below signed this photo. It is not a copy
(although, as I understand it, there were several of these signed by the cast and only given to the cast members)

As much as I liked All Stars season I would never buy this nor would I ever buy anything these house guests sell on eBay ...funny though the person selling it claims you are not a true BB fan if you don't own this eyeroll ... I would think a true BB fan who actually bought this isn't much of a fan since they are selling it.

Oh well happy bidding if anyone wants it!
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BB7 All Stars cast photo for sale on ebay
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