Big Brother 16
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 Message from Boogie

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PostSubject: Message from Boogie    Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:46 am

A message from Boogie that Dr Will posted at his site before Boogie went into the house. I am not one of his haters and I totally agree with him we don't want a house full of Jordan's, Janelle's, and Kaysars. He may not be everyone's cup of tea but at least he plays the game.

A Message to Big Brother Fans

As you read this I will be appearing for a third time on CBS' Big Brother. I know this angers many of you as I am surely one of the most polarizing contestants in the history of this game. I wanted to point out something that makes this show great and that is by having diverse casts with different ages, backgrounds, religions, strategies etc. to root for AND against. Would you watch every year if there were 12 Jordans, 12 Janelles, 12 Kaysars (3 people I like very much by the way)? I mention these people as I know they are some of the most popular people to ever play this game. The answer to that question for most of you is probably, "no" and that's because this show NEEDS villains. A lot of you have issues with the way I talked about Erika Landin during All- Stars. The meanest things said were during highly emotional times when I thought I was being played by her and Will was ousted. I have apologized to her on numerous occasions and feel badly about what I said. Much like outsiders saying things about house guests when we're on the show, I said things about her she couldn't defend and I was wrong.

Moving on. I am back. Sadly my Chilltown comrade is not. I know this disappoints the legions of Will Kirby fans. It will come as no surprise that no one is more disappointed than me. In 2 seasons together we were committed to playing the game as hard as we could and not taking ourselves too seriously in the hopes of entertaining millions of viewers. I will carry on that tradition this season. Please....I implore you to root for your favorites, pray for evictions for the ones you can't stand (even me), scream at the television but most of all: enjoy the heck out of this game both you and I love so very much.

Warm Regards,

Mike Boogie
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BB Lover
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PostSubject: Re: Message from Boogie    Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:07 pm

I'm pro Chilltown so Boogie was always cool with me too Erika, it looks like his team is the main target of the other three teams so Boogie has some work to do.
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Message from Boogie
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